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 A Ruthless Reuniting (Before My Match & Kyle's RP) - Open To Daniel Johnson

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: A Ruthless Reuniting (Before My Match & Kyle's RP) - Open To Daniel Johnson   Sat Aug 31, 2013 12:51 pm

*Off The Chain (Lyrical Version) blasts through the IWA speakers and throughout the arena as Logan Acid steps through the entrance curtain and starts to make his way towards the ring but stops at the top of the ramp in his ring gear with the IWA Global Tag Team Championship shining brightly on his shoulder, while being accompanied by his manager Mick Malone. He strolls down the ramp with arrogance as the camera focuses on a silver steel briefcase in Mick Malone's grasp, Logan ascends the steel steps and enters the ring with Mick to receive a microphone and then paces around the ring slowly before beginning to speak*

Logan Acid: "All week, people have been asking me when am I going to team up with Kyle again? When are they going to see Logan Acid & Kyle Richards in the same ring again? Well, you may have your questions answered tonight because at Supremacy I will be forced to defend my IWA Global Tag Team Championship..."

*Logan raises the IWA Global Tag Title into the air off his shoulder before placing it back onto his shoulder as the crowd cheers realizing Logan is in trouble, as Logan smiles cockily*

Logan Acid: "MY half that is... because my useless former tag team partner was attacked last week by Hurricane Earl Lockyer, who may have ended his career. Now, at first, I was furious when I heard this news... until I realized I no longer had to carry that untalented piece of garbage!"

*The audience begins to shout 'CORY!' 'CORY!' CORY!' repeatedly as Logan grins with arrogance*

Logan Acid: "This also opened the door for 'The Torture Device' Kyle Richards to walk into IWA, after leaving that lifeless federation known as FWE, and become apart of GREATNESS with me once again! That may be great news for me, but it is terrible news for all those tag teams backstage planning to try to take away MY tag team title! Teams like The Kardinal Sinners, who are just useless idiots with muscle, and the new tag team forming known as the Lucha Saints..."

*Chants of 'Lucha Saints!' break out throughout the arena*

Logan Acid: "They are just pea-sized luchadores walking around here in masks who will be picked apart at Supremacy by the 'Best Tag Team On The Planet'! We will make sure at Supremacy, the Saints & the Sinners receive a giant dose of RUTHLESS EXCELLENCE!"

*Logan lowers the microphone and pauses to soak in the boos form the audience*

OOC: Daniel, u can bring Alana out to bring out Kyle and Kyle's RP can be used here if u want

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PostSubject: Re: A Ruthless Reuniting (Before My Match & Kyle's RP) - Open To Daniel Johnson   Sat Aug 31, 2013 9:20 pm

*Suddenly theatrical music hits across the arena. Alana Alexandra walks out with a microphone in hand. The crowd starts cheering. She then holds the microphone by her mouth*

Alana Alexandra: "Logan, you keep changing partners after partners like its nothing. You know what? Kyle Richards has not done anything here in IWA that makes him the rightful owner of the other half of the Global Tag titles"

*Alana pauses as the crowd starts cheering and chanting Alana's name*

Alana Alexandra: "So tonight, I will have you, Logan, team up with Kyle Richards. if you impress me and pick up the win, I will let Kyle Richards take the other title but if you fail..."

*Alana pauses and looks at Logan as he looks on*

Alana Alexandra: "You will lose the tag titles!"

*The crowd starts cheering. Alana turns a little to leave but suddenly stops*

Alana Alexandra: "And you don't have to get outta that ring and go backstage to Kyle and get ready for the match, because your match is next!"

*Alana gives Logan a smile. Theatrical music plays across the arena as Alana walks away. A 'Next' sign is shown at the bottom. The camera then fades away to commercial*
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A Ruthless Reuniting (Before My Match & Kyle's RP) - Open To Daniel Johnson
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