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 Homecoming (closed)

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PostSubject: Homecoming (closed)   Tue Sep 03, 2013 1:18 pm

*The camera cuts backstage. Daniel Johnson and Eric Jones are seen entering the building. The cheering around the stadium can be heard. Daniel Johnson is seen holding a bag on his shoulder while Eric Jones is walking beside him. They look around as they walk forward. Suddenly Justin Omega is seen walking towards them. Justin Omega stops Eric and Daniel as they see him walking to them. Daniel then shakes his head to Justin and continues walking forward. Eric nods to Daniel as he walks away. Eric then turns to Justin as he starts talking*

Justin Omega: "I wanted to ask you about your thoughts on the Elimination Chamber match tonight, Eric"

*Eric gives a confused look towards Justin*

Eric Jones: "What do you mean thoughts? There are no doubts, no confusion that Daniel will walk out of the chamber with the World Heavyweight title. He has been the best there ever was in this company. I, personally have witnessed a star rising in him since we first met"

*Eric pauses*

Eric Jones: "He was just a guy from a lazy rich family and now he has become a hardworking athlete. A great rolemodel. He was just a little strong guy back then but look at him now. He is the face of this company and you can't deny it because thats the universal truth. And tonight, we're going past our family and friends in that chamber just to walk out with the MOST prestigous title of this company, The World Heavyweight Championship"

*Eric Jones chuckles a little after thinking of something*

Eric Jones: "If any of the four in that chamber think that they will walk out with the title, then to my friend, I have nothing to give but sympathy because tonight, we're bringing our A game and I will guarantee you that Daniel will succeed. Not because, he wants to win but because he deserves to win! He is the face of this company and the best this company ever had and tonight he will prove it to every hater out there"

*Eric Jones stops talking and looks over to Justin as he looks to ask something else*

Justin Omega: "And Who do you think is Daniel's toughest opponent in the chamber tonight?"

Eric Jones: "Toughest opponent? Are you serious? We're out there to dominate. Now, I don't know what the media or the fans think but there is no comparing Daniel to the others because thats a compliment for them. Daniel has everything a man  needs tonight in this match. And I will be out there with him to make sure that there is no other distraction in the match"

*Eric Jones gives an evil grin to Justin as the camera slowly fades away to the next segment*
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Homecoming (closed)
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