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 V.I.P is Here

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PostSubject: V.I.P is Here   Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:35 am

J Hammer and XenonLX are seen standing in the ring, both wearing red trunks, black knee pads, and Black jackets with JLX on the back in bright red

J Hammer: Yo! Two Weeks ago... my boy Xenon LX and myself, tried to get into this club... just to see what was crackin'

Xenon LX: But soon as we try to step up in there... some big ass Idiot decides to clothesline us outta nowhere...

[color=red]J Hammer: Now don't get us wrong... we love doin' cheapshots as much as the next guy... But-[\color]

Voice: Ey Yo, Ey yo! Make room! It's V...I...P!

I nice hip hop beat begins playing as the Titantron shows V.I.P's moveset and wrestling in other promotions

Rhys: Oooh this is gonna be good! I've heared so much about this guy... Ken did you know that Dean Dellachecka himself went out to find this guy, and pretty much gave him a deal on the spot!

Ken: Oh... well then this can't be good for JLX...

Rhys: What are you talking about! This could be one of the best deals ever

JLk stand in the ring looking on at the ramp, waiting for V.I.P to come out, suddenly V.I.P's masked body gaurd slides in and the crowd are shouting for them to turn around, as they do they get knocked down to the ground by a vicious double clothesline from hell. The Big man stands over both wrestlers and breathes heavily suddenly V.I.P is seen walking out from behind the curtain casually, and begins headed down the ramp with a mic in hand. The crowd boos him and he simply smiles as he slides into the ring

V.I.P.... Yoooooo I'm finally hear... the one that you've been askin' for, for a year....You've been asking for a star this whole time... I'm not here to kiss your asses, in fact... you should be kissin' mine!

V.I.P smiles looking at the fallen JLX and looks at his bodygaurd who has a sadistic smile on his face. V.I.P tells him to pick up J Hammer and hit him again. The Bodygaurd picks him up by his jacket and swings him towards the rope, J Hammer bounces off and the Bodygaurd hits him with another vicious Clothesline From Hell, the impact is heared through the rafters. V.I.P Smiles and says something inaudible to his Bodygaurd, who then smiles again. The masked man picks up Xenon LX and flanks his arms across his chest, he then lifts him and drops him back first onto his knee and holds him there. V.I.P then climbs the turnbuckle and looks around the booing crowd and laughs jumping off and crashing down on Xenon's neck with an elbow drop while he's still on the Bodygaurds knee. some of the crowd cheer at seeing such a great move but a majority begin an uproar of boos. JLK lay unconcious as V.I.P grabs his mic and puts an arm on his bodygaurd's shoulder.

V.I.P Now you can say all you want... and Hate on me.... but we all know you're just mad..... cuz you ain't V...I...P.

He drops the mic and his bodygaurd raises his arm as the fans boo them both, the camera goes to commercial
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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Re: V.I.P is Here   Wed Sep 04, 2013 12:24 pm

Love it lol

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V.I.P is Here
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