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 It should be me

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PostSubject: It should be me   Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:31 pm

*The lights dim in the arena as a video appears on the titantron. It cuts to a dark room with a chair in the middle of it. There is someone sitting in the chair and they are looking on the ground and their face cannot be seen.*

Person: This should be my night.

*There is a brief silence.*

Person: I have gold but it doesn't matter. Not any more.

*There is a brief flash of light and silence falls over the room once again.*

Voice: I'll win again tonight not because of this...I'll win for revenge, I'll win because I can but I don't need to.

*The person looks like they are about to get up but they stop.*

Person: I want more, I need more. No matter what I do, no matter who I beat or how many I beat I'm still overlooked. Where's my world title opportunity? I outperform everyone and even do the odds are stacked against me. Still it doesn't matter.

*The person stands up but is still not visible.*

Person: I should be entering the chamber, that's where I belong. I've had enough of this. I may walk in champion and leave champion but I couldn't care less. Until I get the gold that I want I'm not going to stop.

*The person begins to walk away and then stops.*

Person: Realisation. Greatest thing to happen.

*Camera pans out.*
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It should be me
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