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 It ends tonight

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: It ends tonight   Thu Sep 05, 2013 3:51 pm

Justin Omega: "Ladies and Gentleman, I'm standing here tonight with the brand new tag team of El Boaro and Phoenix, the Lucha Saints."

*Camera turns to the wrestlers, as we can hear the cheers from the crowd*

Justin Omega: "You guys had quite an impressive debut last week, defeating the team of JLX, before getting your party ruined by the tag team champions, Logan Acid and Kyle Richards"

Phoenix: "If I were you, Justin, I would call them the "keepers of the titles"... I mean, what gives them the right to be called champs? Logan won that title quite sometimes ago, but since that day, he collected more tag team partners than title defenses..."

El Boaro: "Right. He betrayed Mr Hero, he carried that belt with Cory Atlas and now he's tagging with the "Torture Device", Kyle Richards. Those Tag Team Titles used to be prestigious, they used to be something people in IWA would have fought for, they used to be something to be proud of, the pride of being called Champion."

El Boaro: "Now, after being held and treated like (censored) by some guy coming from another federation, they are nothing more than leather and gold. He spat on their heritage, he spat on the history of IWA. We are here tonight to save the Tag Team Championship from this downfall"

Justin Omega: "But you can't deny that they are one hell of a tag team... and they seem to be ready to do everything to keep those belts"

El Boaro: "You mean like hitting us with a chair after our match? Or are you referring at boring the fans to death with useless and stupid speech like Mr Richards did last week?"

Phoenix: "Really Kyle was that the best you can do with a microphone? Can you imagine how many people before you called us "jumping beans" "masked clowns" and so on? If that was your plan to try to get in our heads and make us lose our focus, you failed miserably. It has been done before and it never worked. I hope your in ring abilities are better than your mic skills."

Justin Omega: "But let's not forget about the other tag team involved in this triple threat, the Kardinal Sinners."

El Boaro: "I've been in the ring before with Roussimoff, and he's a force to be reckon with. I don't know Jacob Steele, but he seems to be tough too.."

Phoenix: "But you should not worry, we have a strategy, and we are pretty confident that we can walk out with the titles. This nightmare of Logan's reign ends tonight"

Justin Omega: "Thanks for your time and good luck for your match. Back to you Rhys!"

*El Boaro and Phoenix shakes hands with Justin, before walking away*
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It ends tonight
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