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 Bobby visits the so called GM

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Bobby Gruesome

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PostSubject: Bobby visits the so called GM   Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:00 am

*The camera cuts from the previous segment to a shot of Alana Alexandra sitting behind her desk working on her computer busily, shouts can be heard down the corridor as Bobby Gruesome rushes through the doorway of Alana's office in his trademark Armani Suit and Shades with his crown on his head and a furious look on his face as a smile appears on Alana's.*

Alana Alexandra: "What can I do for you today Mr Gruesome?"

Bobby Gruesome: "I guess a short walk off a long pier is too much to ask, then we might finally get someone competent to be GM"

Alana Alexandra: "If you doubt my competence you should really file a complaint with my superior IWA's President Dean Dellachecka, but I'm guessing you aren't here just to make a complaint about the way things are run, so hurry up and spit it out your Highness... I haven't got all day"

*Bobby looks even more irate at that last comment*

Bobby Gruesome: "You haven't got all day? You haven't got all day? how dare you talk to me like that you two-bit whore, I can buy this company like that"

*Bobby snaps his fingers*

Bobby Gruesome: "I mean it was me who sold the bloody company to Mr Dellawhateverhisnameis, and talking of things bought and sold, last week I shelled out Five million US dollars to the former World Champion Gunner, in return for him not competing in the chamber, that doesn't mean he can use my money to buy a spot in the chamber for one of his roided up friends"

Alana Alexandra: "I can assure you know one on this roster is "roided up" or however you put it, and as for the Gunner situation, I don't see what you expect me to do Mr Gruesome, you were the one stupid enough to give him the money without closing the obvious loopholes which Gunner is quite smartly exploiting, I didn't know you could really be that shortsighted but then you did sell this place, which is now quite a big earner, and with that i say goodbye Mr Gruesome, you have a match to prepare for and I'm quite busy."

Bobby Gruesome: "Enjoy your job and office while it lasts tramp, because mark my words I will make sure your entire livelihood burns to the ground"

*Bobby starts to walk out of her office*

Alana Alexandra: "Good luck with your match Mr Gruesome, you're definitely going to need it"

*Bobby storms off yelling in frustration, Alana chuckles to herself as the camera fades to black*


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Bobby visits the so called GM
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