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PostSubject: Tenderizing   Fri Sep 06, 2013 5:33 pm

*We follow Cathy Knight backstage as she enters the Sports Bar.  She looks around and seems uncomfortable being in such a place.  She gets the attention of the bartender and he motions for her to go back into the kitchen area.  She cautiously walks in and excuses her intrusion with a nod at the cooks and chef.  She looks around and sees Baby B outside of the freezers peering inside.  She scurries over and Baby B nods.*

Baby: "You wanted access and you got it.  I'll give ya five minutes."

*Baby opens the door before Cathy can say anything.  Cathy looks sheepishly at the camera and sighs before going in after Baby.  She zips up her jacket and notices that Baby seems comfortable in a t-shirt.  They hear some dull heavy sounds and she looks around.*

Cathy Knight: "What is that?  Where is he?"

Baby: "He keeps moving around.  Should be in a corner somewhere.  Probably with one of our fresh ones."

*They keep walking into the spacious freezer when Cathy gasps and points to the side.  The camera follows and we finally see a shirtless Kid A covered in blood.  He is moving wildly around an hooked up, skinned animal carcass as he punches it with bandaged hands.  Each punch produces the thudding sounds heard earlier and sometimes there's a crack as something breaks.  Cathy takes a moment to catch her visible breath.*

Cathy Knight: "Why's he doing that."

Baby: "Just a little warm-up.  We decided to do things differently.  We could go out there and complain and holler and call everyone idiots, but the crowd's been looking at him in a good light given how disappointing the competition is.  We could go out there and boast about what he's gonna do to those guys but I think they already know how bad he can get.  We could also talk about how he's gonna win it all and reclaim his stolen championship, but his record speaks for itself.  I think all we need to do is focus on the task at hand.  The Elimination Chamber."

*Kid A comes into view again as he throws a few elbows at the midsection of the animal and grunts.*

Cathy Knight: "Is he angry about something again?  A lot was said and done last week when all those guys got together."

Baby: "He was and you heard why.  I mean, there ain't really any love between any of these guys but he was just disgusted at what went on.  First Bford tries to be funny and not let him get his words in and then Gunner... it was a bad week overall.  So I suggested we go out to the woods on our way here and do some hunting.  He was ready to go all rambo with a knife but I talked him up to a crossbow.  It's how he got those three there.  Hauling 'em over here and skinning them... the whole process calms him down you know.  Then I talked the guys here into letting him have a go at tenderizing the meat before they become the main course.  Gets him into what zone he needs to be."

Cathy Knight: "Was all that really necessary?"

Baby: "Well he was ready to drop the venison and just hunt down the five other guys when we got here."

*Cathy gasps again in surprise and Baby laughs.*

Baby: "Just relax and look at him.  He's right where he needs to be.  He's gonna make things right again and become Champion."

*Cathy seems like she wants to ask another question but hesitates as she watches Kid A chop at one of the hanging carcasses.*

Cathy Knight: "Um, I need to ask what he thinks his chances are in the match..."

*She apparently talks a bit too loudly and Kid A looks up and notices the camera for the first time.  He growls and approaches with crazy in his eyes.*

Baby: "Ya'll best get going."

*Kid A runs at them in a blur and the camera drops.  The shot goes to static and we hear a scream and running.  Then we hear Baby's laughter and some words before finally getting back to the heavy thudding sounds as Kid A gets back to practice.*
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