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 The Uprising Of Excellence Begins (Open To Kyle Richards)

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: The Uprising Of Excellence Begins (Open To Kyle Richards)   Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:55 pm

*IWA comes back from commercial and the camera shows IWA interviewer, Cathy Knight, backstage with a microphone. The IWA Global Tag Team Champions, Ruthless Excellence (Logan Acid & Kyle Richards), stand beside her, along with their manager Mick Malone who still possesses the silver steel briefcase, with each of their titles wrapped around their waists in their ring gear and grin with arrogance, Cathy raises the microphone to her lips*

Cathy Knight: "Logan, tonight Kyle and yourself defend the IWA Global Tag Team Championships against two worthy teams known as The Lucha Saints & The Kardinal Sinners. Do you two have a strategy heading into tonight's triple threat tag team match?"

*Cathy moves the microphone to Logan's lips*

Logan Acid: "Cathy, are you doubting us? Do you think we will lose tonight?"

*Cathy shakes her head at this assumption*

Logan Acid: "It doesn't even matter if you or anyone else doubts us because we're gonna do what we've always done... GET THE JOB DONE! We've been doing it since HMW when we first made a name for ourselves, it didn't matter if we were against each other or with each other! Tonight, everyone is saying our backs are up against the wall, but the Lucha Saints & the Kardinal Sinners should be worried about that. You see, when Kyle & I have our backs up against the wall... we are the two most dangerous men alive on this entire planet! We'll do anything and everything to make sure we get the win, and we don't care who we have to hurt as long as our hands are raised when the match is set and done! I heard El Boaro has been saying we treat these titles with disrespect..."

*Logan looks down at the title around his waist*

Logan Acid: "He couldn't be more wrong... these titles are filled with prestige, elegance, class, these titles are at LEGENDARY status around our waists. These are just stepping stones to the ultimate prize that is the IWA World Heavyweight Championship! I promise you when we get our hands on that title, whether it's Kyle or myself, this company will bow down to the only true KING of this company and The Torture Device himself. Tonight, the downfall of IWA starts and the uprising of excellence begins... tonight Kyle & I define... SUPREMACY!"

*Logan cockily smiles, oozing with arrogance*

OOC: Kyle, u can start here and finish it up if u want, but if you can't reply in time then i'll just finish it
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PostSubject: Re: The Uprising Of Excellence Begins (Open To Kyle Richards)   Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:10 am

As Logan smiles, the camera cuts to Kyle Richards who stands behind Logan Acid with a puppet in his hands bending it and breaking each part of her body. Cathy Knight clearly has a hard time watching it as Kyle Richards just laughs at her. Cathy starts speaking , though really hard

Cathy Knight: What is your strategy tonight Kyle? Are you ready for tag team action? Or you will just go out there and fight like you normally do it in a singles match?

Kyle Richards -with an ironic smile on his face-: If i am ready? Girl, i saw that you couldn't watch my mental training here and i really can't blame you. But this training is exactly what i will do during that match. I will kill each and everyone of my opponents and well than we will retain. If i am ready for tag team is just a stupid question. Yes, me and Logan showed some rust last week, but did we show what we can do? Have we been on our A Game? Questions that will be answered tonight at Supremacy when we will walk out tag team champions. They don't call us for nothing Ruthless Excellence

Cathy Knight: So it seems you suggest you have a hidden agenda. Are you worried though that you may lose without being pinned? Because it's a first pinfall or submission wins the match, not an elimination one

Kyle Richards: Should i be worried Cathy? I have in my corner The Best on The Planet and i am the Torture Device. You see, triple threats are all about intelligence. And if there is something that eludes the Sinners and the Saints, that is the brain. They will go out there and fly around or hit each other while we will be waiting and striking when the time comes. Do you really think that after tonight's match each of them will have a bone in the right position? Because you saw two weeks ago what i can do with my bare hands. Tonight is Supremacy. And Supremacy is always on the side of the most intelligent

Cathy wants to put yet another question, but Logan whispers something and Kyle approves leaving Cathy Knight with the microphone in hand as he and Logan laugh, leaving the backstage interview area
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The Uprising Of Excellence Begins (Open To Kyle Richards)
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