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 International Promo

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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: International Promo   Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:14 pm

Voiceover: "A new Era... A new Champion... His time is now...

*Low rock music is heard playing as Earl is shown lifting his International title into the air as the fans boo*

Voiceover: "Many greats have tried, many greats have failed...."

*The rock music gets louder as clips are shown of Earl tossing El Boaro off a ladder, then another of Earl beating Perry Jenkins as the fans boo even louder*

Voiceover: "But if you want to be the best..."

*A clip of Earl Lockyer celebrating his Championship Ceremony is seen as the rock music is suddenly cut off by louder harder rock music as the fans begin to cheer*

Voiceover: "You have to take out the best."

*A clip is shown of The Hysteric leaping off the cage onto Doctor Dominator and then he is seen throwing Bford off the 26 foot ladder winning The International Championship before he is shown on the night of his return standing on the ramp pointing and talking as Earl stands furious in the ring*

Voiceover: "In the battle for the coveted International Championship.. there are no boundaries... no rules..."

*A video is shown of Earl Lockyer attacking Cory Atlas, taking him out of action and injuring him severely in previous weeks with the clip ending with the angered scrunched face of The Hysteric*

Voiceover: "There is only Losers...."

*A new set of images is shown of fallen superstars including Romulus, Poseidon Magnus, Skurge, Bford, Chosen One, Doctor Dominator and The Hysteric*

Voiceover: "And Winners..."

*A set of images is shown of Earl Lockyer, Taylor Tank, Skurge, El Boaro and The Hysteric at different times winning the International Championship*

Voiceover: "When two of the best collide in this epic battle for the International Championship who will be declared The Greatest of All Time?"

*A fast forwarded clip filled with Earl Lockyer and The Hysterics greatest victories is shown in a matter of seconds before the tron fades away leaving the image of four letters*


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International Promo
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