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 Global Tag Titles Promo

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Global Tag Titles Promo   Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:13 pm

Voiceover: "Two men who claim to be superior than all others..."

*Logan Acid & Kyle Richards of Ruthless Excellence are shown smiling cockily with the IWA Global Tag Titles on their shoulders*

Voiceover: "Two sadistic sinners who will destroy those in their way with brute force..."

*Clips of Jacob Steele & Roussimoff of The Kardinal Sinners annihilating The Sinistahz are shown*

Voiceover: "Two luchadores who will sacrifice their bodies for the ultimate reward..."

*Clips of El Boaro & Phoenix of The Lucha Saints using their their high-flying tactics to defeat the JLX are shown*

Voiceover: "These three teams go to war find out which team is the indeed superior & which team deserves to be called the Tag Team Champions of IWA..."

*Multiple clips are shown featuring: Ruthless Excellence's assault on The Lucha Saints, the three teams all emerging victorious in their matches, the screams and facial expressions of agony are shown across all six men's faces through numerous matches, staredowns between all three teams leading up to Ruthless Excellence raising the IWA Global Tag Team Championships in the air*

Voiceover: "Three teams... one goal... and one Ultimate Reward!"

*The IWA Global Tag Titles are shown along with the match card of the triple threat tag team title match*
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Global Tag Titles Promo
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