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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Celebration   Tue Sep 17, 2013 12:05 am

*Earl is backstage talking to crew members, when Jacob Steele approaches*

Jacob: "Hey Earl, Sarah sent me to tell you that all the arrangements are done"

Earl: "Every thing alcohol , women"?

Jacob: "Yep"

Earl: "Ok head back to the locker room and I will find Stewson"

Jacob: "Ok"

*Jacob heads back to the locker room as Earl leaves to search for Stewson*

*Earl finds Stewson leaving the interview area*

Earl: "Hey champ"

Stewson: "Champ I like the sound of that"

Earl: " Let's head to the locker room"

Stewson: "Yeah"

*Earl and Stewson head for the locker room*
*Roussimoff looks out of the locker room door*

Roussimoff: "Here they come"

Sarah: "ok"

*Sarah steps outside and stands by the door*

*Earl and Stewson arrive at the locker room*

Stewson: "What's going on here"?

*Sarah opens the door, a large banner with congrats hangs from the ceiling, alcohol is on ice and several women are sitting*

Earl: "Congrats Champ"

Stewson: "All of this is for me"?

Sarah: "Yes"

*Stewson notices that the woman are of the mature nature*

Stewson: "Excellent, booze women I like this"

Earl: "you deserve it, but finding the women were a bit difficult, not that easy to find cougars who want to party, but since your a lover of cougars, I spared no expense, and before you ask no their not escorts or hookers.

*Earl walks over the the women, he places his hand on the blonde lady's shoulder*

Earl: "This is Evelyn, she is a soccer mom and sunday school teacher'

*Earl sit next to the brunette*

Earl: "and this is Heather, she is a housewife"

Heather: "Come over and sit with us"

*Stewson walks over and sits between the ladies, they put the arms around Stewson, Stewson pours each of them a drink, then one for himself and they three of them get comfortable*

Sarah:"Well That's our cue to leave"

Earl: "Yeah, enjoy yourself Stewson you deserve it"

*Earl, Sarah Jacob and Roussimoff leave to locker room, Earl locks the door."

Earl: "they don't need to be disturbed"

*As Earl and the sinner are walking away from the locker room Earl cracks a smile*

Roussimoff: "What are smiling at"?

Earl: "I just can't help it considering who those two women are"

Sarah: "Now you have me curious who are they"?

Earl: "the blond is Calixte's mom and the brunette is Enigmatic Savior's mom"

Sarah: "Really"

Earl: "Yes and they were up for it, go figure"

Jacob: "Earl my friend your diabolical"

Earl: "Yes I am"

*the sinners share a laugh as the camera fades*
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