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 Troubles in paradise??

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Troubles in paradise??   Wed Oct 02, 2013 4:26 pm

*As the camera take us backstage, we see Cathy Knight standing next to Phoenix*

Cathy Knight: "Ladies and Gentleman, I'm here tonight with one half of the Lucha Saints, Phoenix."

Phoenix : "Hi Cathy, how are you tonight?"

Cathy Knight: "I'm great, thanks. The first question obviously is: Where is your tag team partner, El Boaro?"

Phoenix: "Honestly Cathy.. I don't know. I know for sure that he's in the building, but I haven't seen him yet. I guess he's in the training room, or maybe in the GM Office... But I'm here, and I can answer all your questions."

Cathy Knight: "Well, right then.. Tonight we're kicking off the Tag Tourney. 8 couples will be battling in these next weeks for a chance at the gold. Your feelings about this?"

Phoenix: "You know... we should be Tag Team Champions right now. We should be the ones waiting in the back for new contenders to come out from this tourney. What happened back at the PPV was a fluke, we had the belts won, before Ruthless Excellence decided to get intentionally disqualified..."

Cathy Knight: "But last week they beat you, fair and square"

*Phoenix with a bitter smile*

Phoenix: "Fair and square? How can you say that? They won because off the interference of that old bas..."

*El Boaro walks in and put his hand on Phoenix's shoulder"

El Boaro: "Sorry Cathy, but this interview is over. Phoenix, come with me, we need to talk."

*El Boaro motions Phoenix to enter the locker room and walks in immediatly after him, closing the door behind him. Cathy avoids the door to close completely, blocking it with her feet. Then she tells the cameraman to get closer and to continue filming what's happening inside the locker room. We can see only Phoenix, standing with his back against the wall. El Boaro instead is out of the frame.*

Phoenix: "What's happening dude? Where have you been? And why did you stop my interview? I think I was doing pretty good, not to mention the fact that Cathy is soooo cute and..."

El Boaro: "Can you please shut up and be serious for a second?"

Phoenix: "Oook relax amigo... what's wrong with you"

*El  Boaro raises his voice, looking very nervous*

El Boaro: "What's wrong with me?? Oh come on!!  Do you remember what happened last week?"

Phoenix: "Sure I remember! We've been screwed by those perros and..."

*El Boaro interrupts his tag team partner once again*

El Boaro: "No!! You tapped out, and we lost the match! That's what happened!"

Phoenix: "Well but if it wasn't for Mick... Ehi wait a second... Are you trying to say that it was my fault?"

*Phoenix seems upset as he get away from the wall and take a few steps closer to El Boaro*

Phoenix: "Are you blaming me for the loss? If I remember correctly, you were in that match too, and you were supposed to come help me but..."

El Boaro: "I didn't mean that! Of course I'm not saying that we lost because of you.. We are a tag team, and if we lose a match, we both have to take our responsabilities for that."

*El Boaro seems to be calming down now"

El Boaro: "You see, the difference between us and the Ruthless Excellence is the experience. It doesn't matter what you accomplished back in Mexico, here in IWA, you're still a rookie.. And me.. I'm pratically a rookie myself too!"

El Boaro: "Richards and Logan have been in this business for a very long time, and they have Mister Malone by their side, always ready to seize any given opportunity he can to give his boys an advantage... Just like he did last week"

*Phoenix nods, as El Boaro comes closer to him speaking in a calm voice"

El Boaro: "This tourney is a huge chance for us to gain more experience as a tag team. This is our chance to prove that we're the best tag team in IWA, this is our chance to climb the ranks of the tag team division. This is our opportunity to get another chance at the Ruthless Excellence"

Phoenix: "I understand El.. Do you already know who we're facing tonight?"

El Boaro: "Seguro, we're facing JLX.."

Phoenix: "We already beat them once, and this time will make no difference!"

El Boaro: "Good, but let's not make the mistake to underestimate them... They can be very dangerous."

Phoenix: "You may have a point there but... We're the Lucha Saints, we're the rightful future Tag Team Champions!! "

*Phoenix hugs El Boaro and pats him in the back, as the cameraman and Cathy Knight quickly walks away from the Lucha Saints locker room*
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Troubles in paradise??
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