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 The Ultimate Foe/The Ultimate Ally

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Bobby Gruesome

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PostSubject: The Ultimate Foe/The Ultimate Ally   Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:52 am

*The Tron displays a shot of the backstage in which Justin Omega can be seen running after the recently returned Silverberg*

Justin Omega: "Yo Man!, Yo SB wait up man I got a few questions"

*Silverberg stops outside a locker room and allows Justin to catch up*

Justin Omega: "Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time, The Orange County Monster Silverberg"

*Silverberg puts up his hand to stop Justin from speaking any further*

Silverberg: "The Orange County Monster is no more, that weak, inferior version of myself died at Ultimate War Games I, when Bford hit the starstruck leg drop from atop the ladder on myself and my opponents.... now I'm just simply Silverberg"

Justin Omega: "Okay then SB, you've been gone for a while after a second seemingly career ending injury.... many fans are wondering are you fit enough to compete or did the last injury finish you off for good?"

*Silverberg smirks*

Silverberg: "Ask yourself Justin... would I be here if I wasn't able to wrestle...... I mean sure Bford nearly ended my career, but I spent the last five seasons training non-stop with my mentor "The Physical Tank" Poseidon Magnus, and not only have I improved my fitness and wrestling ability... I've improved myself both mentally and physically to a state where I'm damned near unbeatable if not indestructible"

Justin Omega: "Now... final question, word around the twittersphere says that you are in fact competing here tonight as apart of the newly formed tag team Armageddon... any truth in this rumor SB?"

Silverberg: "Seen as you're gonna be seeing me and my tag partner destroy both The Marvel and La Mistica, I see no point in denying the fact that I am one half of Armageddon, now me and my partner have been training in secret for a while and at one point in the past we were both enemies.... but you know what I say.... The Ultimate Foe sometimes makes the Ultimate Ally"

*Silverberg opens the locker room and promptly shuts the door behind him leaving the camera and Justin Omega fixed on the three letters above the door ..... TDG*


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The Ultimate Foe/The Ultimate Ally
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