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 League of losers (after the LOL segment)

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PostSubject: League of losers (after the LOL segment)   Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:34 pm

South of Heaven by Slayer plays as Kyle Richards makes his way to the ring with the Global Tag Team Championship on his shoulder. He wears black jeans a bloody red t-shirt and an old leather jacket. As he comes down to the ring the crowd boos him, but the "Torture Device" seems to not give any cent on it. He enters the ring with a mic in his hands and spits in the direction of the audience who boos him even louder

Kyle Richards: I've been here for only 1 season and it already seems an eternity. I am sick and tired, i have gathered so many frustrations that i can't take it anymore. I entered this sport 16 years ago,but never have i seen a more pathetic bunch of losers, back kissers and cowards. Last week two world champions beat two losers. And they were booed out of the building only because they wanted to clean the house of what is called trash. Or at least a part of it. Because the trash in the stands has yet to be cleaned. But soon, soon enough it will all change

The crowd boos Kyle as the "Torture Device" looks at them without fear and just makes an incredulous face. The crowd continues to boo as Kyle Richards can't speak because of the noise. He finally grabs the microphone and speaks.

"Shut up morons. Tonight, you may think you express your feelings when in fact you are nothing but a bunch of sheep who can't think for themselves so copy the others. You don't like me not because you know me, but because you know what i am capable of and what i stand for. There is no one in this roster that doesn't fear me, there is no one in the world that wants to mess with me and my friend Logan. We proved so many times in this business that our name is not just a moniker that you can't stand us. Of course, losers don't love success. I know that and above all that i know that you can't handle people who don't kiss your back three letters as all those wannabes in the tournament today "

The crowd cheers hearing about the tag team tournament as they are really hyped by it as Kyle Richards laughs hysterically looking at the crowd and shouting losers.

"Do you know what that (Censored) tournament is all about? A chance. That's it. A chance. Instead of using you champions the brilliant Alana believes that a tournament will get ratings. Who will stand and watch some untalented and always bridesmaids instead of seeing greatness? 1,2 pathetic losers such as yourself. But that is about it. The fact is that at War Games, the less losers of the losers will stand face to face with Ruthless Excellence. And exactly like last week, they will lose. Because no one who faces Ruthless Excellence is safe, no one can stand toe to toe with The Great Logan Acid and the "Torture Device". They will get their chance and they will lose. Because a winner is born winner, he cannot evolve from a loser such as those idiots and the tournament or those in the stands"

Kyle drops the mic shouting again losers to the crowd and taunting them as the crowd boos him really hard and Sound of Heaven by Slayer cannot cover the noise the crowd makes
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League of losers (after the LOL segment)
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