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 A sign of things to come

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: A sign of things to come   Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:40 pm

*Sarah, Jacob, and Roussimoff are standing around when Cathy Knight approaches them*

Sarah: "Well look who is here"

Cathy: "I know you don't like me Sarah, but I have to do my job,and ask Jacob and Roussimoff about their tag match tonight"

Sarah: "your right I don't care for you all that much, but you may ask your questions"

Cathy: "what do you think your chances are tonight against the Lucha Saints"?

Sarah: "Do you know what a Mexican Fly Swatter looks like"?

*Cathy shakes her head no*

Sarah: "Of course you don't, you don't anything other than what is written on your little clipboard"

*Sarah grabs Roussimoff giant hand and raises it*

Sarah: "You see this hand, made for crushing skulls, and swatting those two Mexican fly's out of the air"

*Cathy is distracted watching Jacob flex his muscles*

Cathy: "Ok ah Jacob how do feel about the match"?

Jacob: "Well Cathy I feel sorry for the other teams in this tournament I mean this tournament was sent up and all those teams felt like they had a chance then they saw that the Kardinal Sinners were in the tournament they all realized that they all have no chance, and tonight we stomp those two Mexican bugs under our boots"

Sarah: "and tonight I am going to accompany them to the ring, not because they need my help in any way, I just want to watch up close Jacob and Roussimoff destroy the Lucha Saints, you have your answers so you can leave now"
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A sign of things to come
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