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 Stewson in ring interview (before Camerons match)

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Stewson in ring interview (before Camerons match)   Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:44 am

*The Hunter by Mastodon plays in the arena, smoke covers the stage, Stewson appears through the smoke with his unified title over his shoulder, he looks back then Gail appears she smiles, takes Stewson's hand and they walk to the ring, then enter the ring where Justin Omega is standing*

Justin: "Welcome Stewson"

Stewson: "Sup Justin"

Justin: "Everybody is talking about last week, and the footage of you and Cameron's mom seemingly hooking up"

Stewson: "Is that what you think that we hooked up, well we did and believe me it was incredible, we did things to each other that you wouldn't believe, but all those details will remain between Gail and I because this is a family show after all"

Justin: "Was this about you hooking up with Cameron's mom just to get under Cameron's skin"

*Gail slaps Justin*

Gail: "how dare you, what happened between us had nothing to be with Cameron"

Justin: "Ok then so what about the footage from tonight of both of you in the parking lot"

Stewson: "Primer for later, are you going to ask a real question, since when did you become the gossip hound around here"

Gail: "I will say this what happens between Stewson and I in private or public is none of no one's business"

Justin: "Ok then so what about tonight and the beat the clock matches, what is your strategy in the your match"

Stewson: "Quite simply really to win as quick as possible not because I care about naming any stipulations or stuff but because Gail and I have plans, and don't bother to ask because there none of your business"

Justin: "ok then, good luck tonight"

Stewson: "Whatever"

*Stewson goes to leave the ring, when Gail turns him around , they stare at each other, smile then start making out in the ring*

Ken: "I think we need to cut to a commercial"

Rhys: "yes right now please"

This is where Cameron could come out and he and Stewson brawl.
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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Re: Stewson in ring interview (before Camerons match)   Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:55 am

Cameron Needs comes from out of the crowd, jumps the barricade, climbs on the top turnbuckle and dives at Stewson unexpectedly.
Cameron and Stewson are rolling all over the ring trading punches as Gail stand in the corner panicking and calling for security.
Security end up splitting them up with Stewson and Gail outside the ring and Cameron still in the ring.
Cameron grabs a mic.

Cameron Needs: "You wont get away with this you S.O.B! You've made things personal. And when you make things personal with me, it will be something you will regret my brother!"

Cameron drops the mic and paces

Cameron Needs: "You know what, im ready for a fight! Im not going to wait til later tonight for my match, I want my match now!"

Cameron takes his shirt off as the camera fades to commercial

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Stewson in ring interview (before Camerons match)
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