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 Interview With Taylor Tank (Before Match With Hurricane Earl Lockyer)

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The General Taylor Tank
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PostSubject: Interview With Taylor Tank (Before Match With Hurricane Earl Lockyer)   Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:25 am

*The camera cuts to the backstage area where The General Taylor Tank approaches Cathy Knight on his way to the entrance to the ring for his match against Hurricane Earl Lockyer. The General Taylor Tank almost passing Cathy Knight hyped up for his match is stopped by Cathy Knight. Taylor Tank stops and looks at Cathy noticing that she wants to do an interview before his match. Taylor Tank then looks at his watch and nods, then Cathy Knight begins her interview with The General Taylor Tank*

Cathy Knight: "Hello General Tank, I just wanted to run a quick interview with you tonight on your next match against Hurricane Earl Lockyer for The International Championship if that's okay with you of course."

Taylor Tank:"I suppose I have enough time to answer some questions as well as talk a little bit about this next match. I'm just so ready for this match Cathy. I mean, wouldn't you be excited to just have came back after being gone for several seasons and already catch a ride to the PPV for a shot a championship title?"

Cathy Knight: "Well, of course General Tank. Who wouldn't be excited to quickly catch a shot at the International Championship match- but anyway, can we go ahead and do this interview. Don't want to keep you held up."

*Taylor Tank folds his arms ready for the questions as Cathy Knight clears her throat*

Cathy Knight: "Okay, How do feel about this match against Hurricane Earl Lockyer for the International Championship?"

Taylor Tank: "I think I've already answered that question, but I guess I can repeat myself. As I've said already Cathy, I'm pretty excited about this match, though. I really am."

Cathy Knight: "How exactly are you gonna beat Hurricane Earl Lockyer, The self-proclaimed best International Champion of all time?"

Taylor Tank: "Well Cathy, I'm going to first knock him up a little bit, Tank Bomb him, then win. I don't really have much to say on that part. Sorry, it's just a simple match. No matter what the stipulation is, it's either I win or Hurricane Earl Lockyer wins. He might just beat me. If he does, he does. That'll just prove how much of a better wrestler he is than I am. What goes, goes, and somebody has to go, and I'm going to make sure tonight that nobody interferes with my philosophy"

*Taylor Tank grins after saying that, and Cathy Knight continues*

Cathy Knight: "Well General Tank, that will be all Sir, and good luck on your match. Hurricane Earl Lockyer can be sure killer sometimes."

*Taylor Tank almost began to say something about that comment, then just shrugs his shoulders as he continues his walk to the entrance to the ring while slowly shaking his head and loosing up his hands*
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Interview With Taylor Tank (Before Match With Hurricane Earl Lockyer)
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