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PostSubject: Winnebago    Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:22 am

*Justin Omega takes us out to the parking lot as he talks in an excited tone.*

Justin Omega: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been given word that Kid A and Baby B have decided to finally talk to us and I have managed to gain access to their RV in an exclusive interview.  Here we are."

*He reaches the old battered Winnebago and the door opens before he knocks.  He motions for the cameraman to watch his step as they climb into the living area. Justin looks around.  To their right at the front is tha driving section.  The seats are worn and patched up.  Behind that on the left there is a tan sofa with cupboards over it.  Across from that is a little booth with seating for four and a disheveled table.  Baby looks up from a laptop and waves at Justin.  Directly in front is a range and sink.  The sink is filled with dirty cups and dishes and the ceiling over the range is brown showing the aftereffects of a fire.  Next to the range is a wardrobe and a door to a bathroom area. Next to them to their left there is a refrigerator.  Justin looks at the front and sees a bunch of old pictures of the Spaulding family.  Some of them show a young Kid and Baby performing in a circus next to a ringleader clown.  There is a cough heard and Justin moves on to a sleeping area.  This is the neatest part of the space.  The bed is made and more pictures line the walls.*

Baby: "So there you have it, Omega.  This here's us.  How'd you like it?"

Justin: "It has... character.  Where is Kid A?"

Baby: "Up there."

*She motions up to a spot behind her and a dim light comes on in the bed over the driving area.  Justin jumps back at Kid A's appearance.  He sits Indian style with his legs crossed staring Justin down through his mess of hair.  He is hunched down due to lack of space and as the light flickers we can make out all sorts of knives, bows, and a rifle lining the wall around him.  Kid tilts his head sideways and uncrosses one leg so it hangs over the edge of the bed.*

Baby: "Hey stop gawking.  And could you especially stop looking him in the eye.  Just sit here in front of me and put your hands on the table.  We know what you're here to find out and we're gonna tell ya."

Justin: "Uh, yes.  The fans and most people backstage want to find out what state Kid  is in.  Last time he was in the ring he was attacked and eliminated due to interference.  I think we all would like to know what you guys were going through before and after that event."

*Baby B giggles.*

Baby: "What do you think has been going on?  He was gonna go and take care of things at the big show but he's eliminated by this outsider that don't even care.  Why ain't you out searching for him.  Then on the next dance it's a rumble and some weak people decided to form a band and crash that party.  So I have to regroup and pull him back.  I can only do so much, Omega.  He is this close to..."

*She starts laughing again which unsettles Justin.*

Justin: "Ok so why the silence?  Why no action?  It looks like you're just taking it."

*A grunt is heard from Kid A and Justin looks down at his hands.*

Baby: "We've been anything but idle, man.  Kid's just waiting.  We've been to the shows, we hear what they're all saying, we see everything that's been going on.  All that is out there is just... insecurity.  We thought it was bad when we got here but it has gotten worse.  What we all got in the IWA is just a bunch of weakness coming together to appear strong.  They form their little ties together and carve out their spot with their titles.  But it's all just delusions, Omega.  They're all just petty kings."

Kid A: "Sad little kings of sad little hills."

*Both Justin and Baby look up at Kid A as he rocks back and forth slowly.*

Justin: "Wh-what is going to be your plan of action?  Who are you going after? Gunner? Surge? Logan Acid? Perry?"

Baby: "There are a lot that deserve something, ain't there?  Kid's a hunter.  He can lose his cool a lot of the time and have these ourbursts but when it comes down to bringing his prey down, his fury can turn ice cold and he brings it down with force.  All these guys have weaknesses.  They can be all tough when their crew's around but even together the weaknesses are still there but they're blinded to the fact."

Kid A: "Sad little kings of sad. Little. Hills."

Baby: "All it takes is a push, a hit to these weaknesses and these guys will be taken out.  And we all have seen how much force Kid can have.  When he's set lose it will be when the time is right to strike.  Who's he gonna set loose on?  Well, that depends on who's going to slip up first.  It can be fate, it can be the powers that be, but it's gonna happen eventually with those petty types."

*She looks up and seems to be addressing Kid A.*

Baby: "Eventually."

Kid A: "Sad little kings of SAD little HILLS!"

*Kid A jumps down from the overhead bed and runs out the door.  Justin and Baby look out the window and wince as Kid goes to town on the nearest parked car.  The faint sounds of smashing and glass breaking can be heard.  Justin looks at a smiling Baby B.*

Baby: "There are many ways to be patient.  It'd be best if you don't go our there right now.  Want a drink?"

*Justin sighs and looks into the camera.*

Justin: "Well back you guys, I guess."

*The shot fades as Justin settles in.*
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