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 For Too Long...

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: For Too Long...   Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:30 pm

*The camera shows the silhouette of a large man sitting with his back turned to the camera in a large, dark room with small strips of light reflecting off the wall*

Large Man: "For too long... I have not made a memorable impact. I decimate men left and right yet it is quickly forgotten... I dismantle men just for my own pleasure! But now... but now, I annihilate others for a purpose for the benefit of others by my side. For too long... I have been walking alone, but now I have men behind me, guiding me in the right direction! I have been kept from championship god for too long... despite being an IWA Original, but now I am within the League!"

*The large man stands and turns his face to the camera, revealing himself to to be The Depraved Giant*

TDG: "Those who kept me down, held me down, and kept me out of the spotlight... will feel the sheer force of the monster from hell!"

*The camera cuts to static as the camera man can be heard screaming, along with roaring from TDG*
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For Too Long...
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