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 Staff Member of the Season

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PostSubject: Staff Member of the Season   Wed Oct 16, 2013 6:52 pm

*Ken Comaro enters the ring as Laura Brand exits. He smiles at the cheering fans as he approaches the stand. He grabs an envelope*

Ken Comaro: "Hello IWA Universe."

*The fans cheer for Ken Comaro*

Ken Comaro: "Tonight I am here to bring you, along with the usual colorful play by play analysis the IWA Staff Member of the Season award. This is an award for the most outstanding member of the IWA Staff. This Award is a great honor, to whoever may earn it."

*Ken Comaro open the envelope slowly and holds up a card*

Ken Comaro: "This award..."

*Ken looks down at the card and scowls as he mutters to himself*

Ken Comaro: "Must be rigged..."

*Ken Comaro then lifts the card to his face and smiles before introducing the winner*

Ken Comaro: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the IWA Staff Member of Season 9 as voted by the fans... My partner Rhys Trebian!"

*The arena is filled with mixed cheers and boos as Rhys Trebian stands up from the announcers table confidently and pulls out the collar on his jacket loosening himself up. He tries to calm the fans down from cheering as he enters the ring. He shoves Ken out of the way nonchalantly getting close to the mic*

Rhys Trebian: "Wow guys, I dont know what to say, except who else but me right?"

*Rhys smiles as the fans look on annoyed with him*

Rhys Trebian: "I dont really have a speech ready but I'll make this quick. I just want to thank all of the people in makeup for making me look so good every night. Also I want to thank our lovely General Manager for the opportunity to allow these people to be dazzled by my superb commentary..."

*Rhys looks around at the annoyed fans as he eats up the attention*

Rhys Trebian: "And my partner, who without his comparison, I wouldnt be able to look so good next to his very, very bad looks. Theres always next season bub."

*Rhys Trebian takes the award from Ken with a small struggle before raising it in the air and then leaving the ring as the show fades to commercial*

-GM of IWA (2013-Present)
-IWA Superstar (2012-Present)
-2x IWA International Champion
-1x IWA Rising Star Tourney Winner
-Leader of The Nest
-Co-Leader of The Prodigy
-Owns Rex, Surge, Gunner, Chaos Dimention & Cory Atlas

-ISW Superstar (2012-Present)
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-1x ISW International Champion
-1x ISW Fatal Champion
-1x ISW Insanity Champion
-1x ISW MITB Winner
-1x Dance Off Award Winner
-2x Match of the Season Award Winner
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Staff Member of the Season
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