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 Feel the pressure

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PostSubject: Feel the pressure   Thu Oct 17, 2013 12:33 am

*No church in the wild plays, as soon the IWA fans hears the theme song they start to boo Eddy Ventura and Gato who makes their way to the ring*

*Eddy stops at the middle of the ramp and goes face to face with a fans*

Eddy:"What you think you can do something fatty?"

*Eddy laugh and walks away heading towards the ring with Gato right behind him*

Eddy:''This is what I love to do...put people to their place!''

*Eddy and Gato enters the ring and stands in the middle of the ring enjoying the hate that the fans are giving them*

*Eddy ask for the mic that is giving to him right away*

Eddy:"I've been giving warnings week after week...We didn't came in IWA to be invicible!
We didn't accept a contract to be a simple jobber!
We didn't sign up to be a nobody!
We came here to bring Blood and Pain to all of you!"

*Eddy takes a second and admire his client Gato Salvaje*

Eddy:"This man standing behind me is the future of this company
and last week he crushed the IWA fan favorite The Hysteric!
But i have to admit I'm not quite very happy with you Gato!
I've teach you better than that!
and you've been raised with better values than that!! How many times I will have to
tell you we don't play with food??"

*Eddy laugh as the fans boos them*

Eddy:''You see Gato didn't just crushed Hysteric...he played with him like he was toy!
For those who missed that we have a little replay for you just look at the Giant Screen!

*Cameras fades in showing what happen last week*

 *The Hysteric wobbles spaghetti legged as he makes his way to the ropes using them to hold himself up. He barely
stands completely exhausted from the match as the fans cheer for him. Suddenly "No Church for The Wild" by Kanye West
hits and the fans begin booing as Gato Salvaje comes walking down the ramp with a steel chair in hand.
Eddy Ventura is right behind him smiling devilishly as the  The Hysteric looks on mortified as
Gato Salvaje slides into the ring dropping the chair as he goes. The JLX and the others surround
the ring from other entrants as The Hysteric steps forward and swings
at Gato Salvaje with a huge blind haymaker*
Gato Salvaje ducks and then grabs The Hysteric by the neck and falls forwars slamming him down into the
steel chair on his neck and head executing a LEGENDARY STO onto Steel Chair
Ken Comaro: "This is uncalled for, he can't even fight back."
*Gato Salvaje kicks The Hysteric rolling him off the chair revealing his broken stitches under his chin. Gato grabs
the steel chair and sets it up in the center of the ring next to The Hysteric. Gato lifts The Hysteric up and
sits him in the seat of the chair watching as The Hysteric lays back barely able to hold himself
up across the chair on his back staring up at the lights in the rafters*
Rhys Trebian: "Gato Salvaje looking to do some severe damage here."
Gato Salvaje stalks The Hysteric with a wild look in his eyes before he runs against the ropes and reboundsback lifting his boot up connecting it with the under of The Hysteric's chin knocking him down to the floor with brute force as his stitches burst apart and he crumbles to the mat under the Big Boot
executing a LEGENDARY Rage of The Beast
*The fans scream out for The Hysteric and boo loudly and begin to throw trash into the ring as Gato Salvaje standsover The Hysteric before stomping on him a few times getting under the fans skin. Eddy Ventura enters the ring and stands at Gato's side smiling.*

*Cameras fades out*

Eddy:''And this was the first strike...if this didn't prove anything to any of you wait to see when Gato takes over the Internation Wrestling Association...crushing anyone coming near us...Feel the pressure...Fear us!''

*Eddy drops the mic and raise Gato's arm under the loud boos of the IWA fans*
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PostSubject: Re: Feel the pressure   Thu Oct 17, 2013 1:16 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Feel the pressure   Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:41 pm

pretty good.
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PostSubject: Re: Feel the pressure   

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Feel the pressure
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