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 Deans Arrival (Wedding RP 1)

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PostSubject: Deans Arrival (Wedding RP 1)   Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:03 pm

*The tron flashes on and the IWA VIP Parking Lot is shown. Fancy cars spread the lots gleaming in the lights in two long rows. In the center of the rows is a beautiful pearl white rolls royce Limousine with "Just Married" scrolled elegantly across the back window in swift cursive. Long streamers extend from the bumper of the Limo. After a moment a gloss black stretch Limo pulls up aside the pearl white one, parking crookedly along the entrance. A moment passes before a scrawny man in a drivers suit gets out and rushes to the back door. He opens the door and a black dress shoe steps out of the Limo as IWA President Dean Dellachecka is revealed emerging from the car. He looks around and stares at the driver. He clears his throat*

Driver: "Oh, right! Here you are sir."

*The driver reaches into his breast pocket and retrieves a fat cuban cigar. He cuts the end of it off and then leans it placing it in Deans mouth. Dean looks around and walks past the back of the Limo. He stares at the crooked parking job and nods his head before staring back at the driver with an annoyed look. The driver pats his pockets frantically before taking out a metal lighter and flicks it open with a metal clank. He strikes the flame and then lights Mr Dellacheckas cigar. Dean puffs on his cigar for a moment as he leans against the car looking up at the night sky. After a moment hes interrupted by the driver*

Driver: "Sir... I was just thinking... should you really be smoking in your outfit?"

*Dean looks over to the driver and then back to the sky before answering him with a puff of the cigar*

Dean Dellachecka: "Tuxedo."

*The Driver looks confused as hes about to reply when Dean cuts him off*

Dean Dellachecka: "A Tuxedo is what you wear to a wedding son, not an Armani suit."

*The driver drops his head staring at the ground before glancing at his watch. He interrupts Dean again*

Driver: "Oh, sorr-"

*The Driver is cut off as Dean turns around backhanding him. He falls to the ground and mumbles as his lip bleeds while Dean mockingly cuts him off approaching the fallen driver*

Dean Dellachecka: "I'm sorry too. Sorry you cut me off and sorry that I pay you..."

*Dean stomps on the driver angrily delivering the heel of his shoe to the scrawny mans chest*

Dean Dellachecka: "To drive!"

*Dean stomps again on the driver who cries out in pain*

Dean Dellachecka: "Not!"

*Dean lifts his foot and brings it down against the drivers head screaming at him*

Dean Dellachecka: "To thiiiiiiink!!"

*Dean delivers one final stomp before looking down at the unconscious driver. He wipes his shoes off on the drivers chest and then turns around as IWA officials run from the entrance as Dean grows impatient*

Dean Dellachecka: "It's about damn time, I'm gonna need some more cigars... and a new driver for tonight."

*The officials walk Dean into the building as some others check on the driver and another drives the black limo away from the lot. The screen fades as the limo pulls away*

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PostSubject: Re: Deans Arrival (Wedding RP 1)   Thu Oct 17, 2013 5:05 pm

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Deans Arrival (Wedding RP 1)
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