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 Here Comes the Bride (Wedding RP 3)

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PostSubject: Here Comes the Bride (Wedding RP 3)   Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:12 pm

*IWA comes back in from commercial and Ken Comaro waves us off as the camera pans to the red carpet leading down the ramp. "Time of Dying" by Three Days Grace hits and one by one the Superstars walk down the ramp to the Official IWA theme song. They all are wearing their nicest clothes. The style differentiates from suits and ties to Tuxedos and dresses as they move around where the ring used to be finding their designated seats. After a moment they take their seats and some wave to the fans and reach out to touch hands with them while others sit cross armed and slouch looking on impatiently. The Minister stands under the altar awaiting the arrival of the bride and groom*

Ken Comaro: "And here we are Rhys, the final moments before this grand wedding."

Rhys Trebian: "Thats right partner, the first ever IWA Wedding and I have to spend it with you."

Ken Comaro: "Thanks Rhys, I really appreciate the love."

Rhys Trebian: "What love? Theres no love here Ken."

Ken Comaro: "No love? We're at a wedding Rhys, love is in the air right now, you cant tell me you dont feel it too."

Rhys Trebian: "Are you going to kiss me Ken? Because if thats what you're getting at, I'm really not interested and I will punch you in the throat."

*Ken shakes his head*

Ken Comaro: "After almost ten whole seasons, you're still the exact same you were when I met you. At least we can count on you for one thing."

Rhys Trebian: "And whats that junior?"

Ken Comaro: "To make a complete ass of yourself week in and week out."

Rhys Trebian: "Now were name calling? If I kiss you will you shut up?"

Ken Comaro: "No! I don't want to kiss you Rhys! You know I have a Fiance."

*Rhys Trebian reaches for Ken sarcastically*

Rhys Trebian: "Come on, give your partner some sugar."

*Ken pulls away and looks at Rhys disgusted*

Ken Comaro: "Youre an animal you know that?"

*Rhys smiles back*

Rhys Trebian: "Most women like that trait in a man Ken."

*Ken rolls his eyes*

Ken Comaro: "You're unbelievable."

*The lights suddenly dim and "Aint No Grave by Johnny Cash hits and the arena grows quiet as low smog covers the foot of the stage. IWA President Dean Dellachecka stands atop the stage in a grand pearl white tuxedo fit with a high collar and a long tail in the back. He looks out to the sea of fans and the IWA Roster who rise as he appears. He walks down the ramp slowly taking in his air time. He approaches the altar where the Minister stands and smiles before taking his place on the grooms side in front of his groomsmen: Perry Jenkins, Bford and El Boaro*

Ken Comaro: "The President looking just fantastic tonight. What a suit, how much do you think that cost partner?"

Rhys Trebian: "Psh, more than we make in a season Ken."

*After a minute "You and Me" by Lifehouse plays and the entire arena stands on their feet as white fog covers the floor along with white doves that fly away from the stage. Alana Alexandra steps out on stage smiling widely with tears rolling down her cheeks as the fans "awh" loudly and stare at her beauty. She slowly walks down the stage with an older gentlemen holding her arm. She passes the IWA Superstars who stare at her smiling as she approaches the altar in front of Dean Dellachecka. Her father releases her and takes his seat in the front row. Alana stands in front of her Brides Maids: Autumn, Baby B and Laura Brand. She looks up smiling through tears at Dean Dellachecka her husband to be. He looks baffled as he just smiles and cant make out words*

Ken Comaro: "Truly a moment here in IWA.."

*The tears stream down Alana's face as Dean reaches out and wipes them away, they stand face to face with the minister behind them ready to start the ceremony as the show heads to commercial*

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Here Comes the Bride (Wedding RP 3)
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