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 Interview with Nitro

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PostSubject: Interview with Nitro   Sat Oct 19, 2013 11:43 pm

*Nic Nitro is seen just exiting his locker room smiling joyfully*

Cathy: "Hello Mr.Nitro with your first match being the rumble I'd like to ask a few questions so the fans can get to know you, is that ok?"

Nic: "Yes Cathy ask away its due time that the fans here got to know me."

Cathy "Ok, first thing why are you smiling?"

Nic: "Why wouldn't I be smiling, I'm getting the chance of a lifetime I'm debuting, and winning the rumble. There are a ton of talented people on the roster, but I got the element of surprise on my side. So I'm smiling in short because of the chance I'm getting to prove myself to the fans and I'm winning that rumble."

Cathy: "Wow, strong words from a rookie, aren't you the least bit nervous though?"

Nic: "I'd be lying to say I'm not, with this chance, with this show, theres so much that can happen and I just hope I can give the fans what they want."

Cathy: "Well I'm sure the fans hope you do great, one last question, what do you hope to accomplish here in IWA?"

Nic: "I hope that I can leave an impression here, to leave the fans night after night knowing that win or lose I gave it my all that I fight with heart and pride. I fight for the fans Cathy my goal isn't money, titles, women, or power my goal is to be a role model like my father was to me."

Cathy: "Well there you have it an interview with Nic Nitro a man of honor, thank you for your time Nic."

Nic: "It was my pleasure Cathy."

*Nic walks away cracking his neck*
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Interview with Nitro
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