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 The League Addresses The IWA Universe (Show Opener)

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: The League Addresses The IWA Universe (Show Opener)   Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:07 pm

*"Line in the Sand" by Motorhead blasts through the speakers and throughout the arena and the entire IWA Universe erupts into a chorus of boos as The League of Legends make their way through the entrance curtain and to the ring, all in three-piece suits, led by Logan Acid in his signature black Prada suit as they enter the ring, Logan receives a microphone*

Logan Acid: "Last week, a few men got involved in L.O.L. business... Jason Adams, Kid A, Calixte, and Mr. Hero!"

*The crowd erupts into cheers at Hero's name*

Logan Acid: "Calixte & Kid A had no business there, Jason Adams... I thought you learned your lesson, and Hero... last time... I went EASY on you! This time, I WILL end your career! As far as the others go... YOUR time will come!

*"Line in the Sand" by Motorhead plays once again as L.O.L exit the ring and head backstage to an enormous chorus of boos*
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The League Addresses The IWA Universe (Show Opener)
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