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 The Hysteric/Gunner

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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: The Hysteric/Gunner   Wed Oct 23, 2013 4:25 pm

Corbin Smith

:Ring Name:
The Hysteric

"The Savior"
"The Clinically Unstable Force"


220 lbs

East Moline, IL

:Fighting out of:
Chicago, IL


:Detailed Alignment:
Corbin Smith is an escaped convict from
America's most dangerous Insane Asylum's
with a blood lust for Championship Gold
and bringing pain to others at the cost
of hurting himself. His classified criminal files
were burned to ash along with the Asylum
he is thought to have burned down.
He now goes under the ring name of The Hysteric...

:Career Palmares:
x1 Rising Star Tournament Winner
x2 International Champion
Leader of "The Nest" Stable
Leader of "The Prodigy" Stable

Mass Hysteria - The Hysteric raises his arms into the air
and crosses them in an X position as all of his Crazies
break out into Mass Hysteria

Coast 2 Coast - The Hysteric leaps up bouncing off the top rope doing
a perfect moonsault before he comes crashing down crushing his
opponents abdomen viciously executing a Coast 2 Coast

DD/Plummet 2 Hysteria - The Hysteric jumps onto the top turnbuckle
before he leaps out into the air over his opponent doing a gracious
inverted backflip before he comes crashing down onto his opponents
chest crushing him brutally executing a Plummet 2 Hysteria

DD/Chicago Cutter - The Hysteric jumps turning his back to his opponent
as he grabs onto his head and crashes to the mat driving his opponents
head and neck into the mat with extreme force executing a Chicago Cutter

SUB/Straight Jacket - The Hysteric ducks under his opponents arm
and lifts him off the mat slamming him down onto his back before
he grabs both of his opponents arms crossing them over his own neck
and sits up pulling his opponents arms tearing at his bicep muscles
and lacerating his throat choking him simultaneously executing Straight Jacket

"Savior" by Rise Against hits and the arena lights begin to strobe as the fans
stand to their feet. The arena shakes with the roar of the crowd as The Hysteric
steps out on stage. He looks out to the sea of roaring fans
and all of his Crazies. He chuckles to himself before he walks down the ramp
to the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope and stands to his feet before approaching
the turnbuckle. He climbs the turnbuckle and stares out at the people in the stands
before he raises his fists in the air in an X position watching as all of his Crazies
mimic him before chanting his name as the song fades

:Real Name:
James Dellachecka

:In-Ring Name:


247 lbs

Detroit, Michigan

:Theme Music:
"Fake It" by Seether

Gunned Down - high lifting sit-out spinebuster
The Bottom Line - Sitout Powerbomb


-GM of IWA (2013-Present)
-IWA Superstar (2012-Present)
-2x IWA International Champion
-1x IWA Rising Star Tourney Winner
-Leader of The Nest
-Co-Leader of The Prodigy
-Owns Rex, Surge, Gunner, Chaos Dimention & Cory Atlas

-ISW Superstar (2012-Present)
-ISW VGM (2014-Present)
-1x ISW International Champion
-1x ISW Fatal Champion
-1x ISW Insanity Champion
-1x ISW MITB Winner
-1x Dance Off Award Winner
-2x Match of the Season Award Winner

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The Hysteric/Gunner
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