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 Perry Jenkins grand entrance and pre-match promo

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Perry Jenkins grand entrance and pre-match promo   Thu Oct 24, 2013 9:54 pm

The lights go out in the arena.
The crowd goes wild as they await the arrival of Perry Jenkins.

Ken Comaro: "Its time for the IWA World Heavyweight Title to be decide in this extreme rules contest!"

Several burst of thunder are heard one after another as the lights flash on and off.
White smoke covers the stage as Light em' Up by Fall Out Boy plays in the arena.
Perry Jenkins arrives from under the stage slowly as the fans cheer his name.

Rhys: "And there he is, the IWA World Heavyweight Champion, Perry Jenkins!"

He shows up in a shiny white robe with the IWA Heavyweight Title around his waist.
He walks down the ramp as colorful pyro erupts all around him.
Perry high fives the fans as he enters the ring.

Ken Comaro: "Perry showing the fans some love here in America capital!"

Rhys: "He better get serious because he has one heck of a challenge facing him and his name is SEAN PAIN!"

He goes to the top turnbuckle, takes his belt off and raises it in the air.
Perry climbs down and asks for a mic.

Perry Jenkins: "Before we get this match started I have something to say."

Perry pauses and starts chanting "Perry...Perry...Perry!"

Perry Jenkins: "Sean Pain, I would like to thank....."

Perry suddenly looks down at the ground and slowly drops to one knee.

Ken Comaro: "Woah, what going on with Perry?"

Rhys: "He looks disoriented.."

Perry sluggishly drags himself to the corner as he keeps smacking his head trying to fight himself.
Suddenly Perry Jenkins stops and looks up at the crowd as they cheer
He suddenly snaps and flies off the handle.

Perry Jenkins: "All of you! Shut the hell up!"

The crowd goes quiet as Perry starts to scream

Rhys: "He is obviously going crazy!"

Perry starts shaking and smacking his head again.
He falls to the corner and regains his composure

Perry Jenkins: "Lets start this match! Sean Pain! Get out here!!"

Perry still sits in the corner awaiting Sean Pain

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Perry Jenkins grand entrance and pre-match promo
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