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 Debut Interveiw

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PostSubject: Debut Interveiw   Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:38 pm

*The camera rolls backstage to the parking lot where a reporter sits waiting. Moments later a loud roar is
heard as a green Harley is seen being rode by a large man with red hair, a black jacket and a pink shirt under-
neath with casual leather ass less chaps. The rider pulls into the spot next to where the reporter is sitting
and stops his bike and gets of and approaches the woman, as he approaches her he takes his his black shades offand hooks them on his shirt*

Cathy Knight: "Hi, I'm Cathy Knight the one you spoke to earlier about your interview.?"

Unknown: "Yeah, so wheres the room."

Cathy Knight: "Right this way."

*Cathy leads the wrestler into the main building from the parking lot, and into a hallway where she stops and knocks, after a few seconds someone opens the door*

Cathy Knight: "Where here for the interview room."

Lady: "Ah yes third door on your right is the nicest one."

Cathy Knight: "Thanks."

Lady: "No Problem."

*As they both exchange quick laughs Cathy Knight and her three camera men follow as she stops at the third door opens it and steps in, she takes a seat in a forma-table chair and the superstar follows by sitting in the chair across from her in a comfortable position*

Cathy Knight: "Are we live?"

Cameraman: "In 3..2..1.. LIVE!."

Cathy Knight: "Hi!, im Cathy Knight as all you IWA fans at home know sitting here with a new superstar to the
wrestling ring. Who has agreed to and interview so.. Mr. what is your name, out side and inside the ring?"

Unknown: "Cody A. Smith outside the ring and The Celtic Warrior in the ring."

Cathy Knight: "Ok,.. Now whats your professional background look like. For example what types of martial arts
can you bring to the ring?"

Cody: "For all that dont watch MMA tournaments i was one of the three best mixed martial artist in the world. Funny.. some have even said i could go one on one with Bruce Lee, haha. I don't know about all that, its funny because i get compared to him allot people all the time say i have his power and his speed in the octagon, because im a lot faster than i come on to be. I retired my MMA career 52-0-1. With a black belt in Ju-Jit-Su and Golden gloves in Kickboxing. So for all out there that's what i bring to the table."

Cathy Knight: "Ok Ok, now your outside life beyond the ring. What can you tell us about that.?"

*Cody taking off his leather jacket*

Cody: "As you can tell the pink shirt probably didn't match. I donate to Brest Cancer Awareness, im a big people person. Others say that im not, because my mood changes fast. But i dont know a man who loves the fans more than i do. Age wise im in my early 30's luckly i was scheduled so much in MMA matches with 52 matches i shouldn't have retired in another five years at least.

Cathy Knight: "What do you plan to accomplish in your stay here at IWA?"

Cody: "Well, First i plan on obtaining some gold, that's the Irish in me."

*Laughs in the room are heard*

Cody: "Next, is probably get a winning record and go for the biggest belt."

Cathy Knight: "When do you plan on debuting for the show?"

Cody: "Tonight is the Rumble correct?"

Cathy Knight: "Yes."

Cody: "Well, then i guess ill see you out there."

*The fans are heard going wild in the stands!*

*The cameraman puts his hand up showing three fingers...two finger..*

Cameraman: "And were off."

Cathy Knight: "Ok, ill show you to your luxary room, then you can be off. Also i have to thank you for
a flawless interview.

Cody: "No problem, actually if you come up to my room later we can get to know each other better haha."

*Cathy Knight grins and laughs*

Cathy Knight: "Right Here, and be down in the Tumbler room by three, ok?"

Cody: "Got it"

*Cody enters his room and shuts his door behind him, and Cathy Knight makes her way back. And the camera fades to black*
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PostSubject: Re: Debut Interveiw   Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:38 pm

moved it
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Debut Interveiw
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