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 Ready for a Rumble

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PostSubject: Ready for a Rumble   Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:26 am

The camera shows Bford in his locker room, sitting on a chair, Autumn giving his shoulders a massage. Cathy Knight walks in with a mic smiling

Cathy: Bford, tonight you not only participate in a Five on Five elimination tag match against LOL, but in the Royal Rumble as well. What's going on in your mind?

Bford scratches his chin pretending to be deep in thought

Bford: Well Cathy... tonight I team up with 4 of some of the best talent IWA has to offer... and when you add the only man to have won Four... and I repeat...

The crowd can be heared from the arena

Crowd: FOUR!!!!!

Bford: Championships within about what? 8 or 9 seasons? You know that the match is going to be a great one... as for the Rumble, if one of us five manage to win it, than that man deserves it. Each of my partners is either Fast, Strong, Charismatic, or Innovative... however I am all of those things. So as much as I respect those guys in the ring... they know as soon as we meet in the rumble, it's everyman for himself... but tonight... me and my IWA brothers... are gonna Whoop...Some...Ass!

The camera fades out going on to the next segment
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Ready for a Rumble
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