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 "Slick" Rick Kingston's Profile

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: "Slick" Rick Kingston's Profile   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:30 pm

Real Name: Ricky Martin

Ring Name: "Slick" Rick Kingston

Nicknames: "Slick", "The Slickest Man On Earth", "The Greatest Wrestler to Ever Walk the Earth"

Height: 5'10

Weight: 213 lbs

From: Miami, Florida

Alignment: Heel

Detailed Alignment: A highly cocky & arrogant rookie who already believes he's the "Greatest Wrestler to Ever Walk the Earth" despite his minimal talent. He gained his nickname "Slick" by being able to to win many matches w/ sly typical "heel" tactics such as: low blows, tights grabbing. eye gouging, illegal weapons, and "lying" (when he throws his opponent a weapon, out of the referee's vision then lies down and acts like he attacked him with the weapon to the referee) among other dirty tricks while never getting caught. He hopes to cheat his way to the top. He's a likable heel due to his charisma, but his extremely arrogant personality prevents him from gaining much popularity.


Too Slick For You - Rick Kingston pushes the opponent, angering him, as the opponent throws multiple punches at Rick but misses each punch as Rick slyly slides out of the ring and smiles as the referee holds back the opponent executing Too Slick For You


Slick Whip - Rick Kingston swings a leg at the opponent's midsection but the opponent catches Kingston's kick and swings Kingston's leg away from him but Rick spins back around and nails the opponent in the skull with a vicious leg lariat in a dragon whip fashion executing a Slick Whip


Kingston's Paradise (DD) - Rick Kingston grabs the opponent and places him in an inverted facelock then spins under the opponent as he holds the facelock while twisting the opponent into a cutter position executing a Kingston's Paradise

Slick Ending (Pin)  - Rick Kingston's opponent grabs him and attempts an irishwhip but as he tries to irishwhip Kingston across the ring, Rick spins out of the opponent's grip and swings his leg at the opponent, connecting with a swift kick to the midsection causing the opponent to bend over then Kingston dives behind the opponent as he puts an arm up between the opponent's legs and pulls the opponent back as he falls on his back and Rick rolls the opponent up while grabbing the tights with an illegal pin executing a Slick Ending

The Referee Ruse (DD/DQ)- Rick Kingston suddenly grasps his eye, feigning an eye injury and as the referee checks on him, Rick "accidentally" knocks the referee down to the mat unconscious and as the approaches Rick, Rick delivers a swift low blow as the opponent drops to his knees then Kingston exits the ring and grabs a steel folding chair before re-entering the ring then Rick fiercely slams the chair on top of the turnbuckle and tosses the chair to the opponent, who catches it then drops down on his back as the referee regains consciousness and finds the opponent with the chair and Kingston lying on the mat, thinking the opponent assaulted Kingston with the chair executing The Referee Ruse


*"Hard Hittin" by Homebwoi bursts through the IWA speakers as "Slick" Rick Kingston strolls through the entrance curtain and onto the entrance stage dressed in a long-sleeved, dark blue jacket with 'SLICK' written on the back in black, dark blue trunks with two K's on the back in white facing opposite directions, black knee pads, black wrist tape, and black boots

He cockily makes his way down the entrance ramp while grinning and taunts the fans in the front row before hopping on the ring apron and entering the ring then Rick hops on the turnbuckle and grins arrogantly while raising his arms in the air as the audience boos him*
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Logan Acid

Posts : 328
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PostSubject: Re: "Slick" Rick Kingston's Profile   Thu Jan 23, 2014 10:51 pm

Finished it!
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"Slick" Rick Kingston's Profile
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