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 Long Live The King

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PostSubject: Long Live The King   Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:57 pm

The fans can be heared chanting "IWA, IWA" repeatedly. Fans can be seen wearing T-Shirts of their favorite superstars. Suddenly the lights go out leaving everyone in the dark, the fans wait in anticipation and then hear the following words

Bford: I'm gonna Whoop That ASS!

The lights come back on as the crowd goes crazy, "Earthquake" by Labrinth blares through the speakers, as Bford comes out from behind the curtain looking around at the IWA fans. He smiles and raises his fist then drops it as fireworks go off. He walks down the ramp with a confident swagger and slides into the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle then sits down looking around at the crowd and asks for a mic

Bford:...IWA....Welcome to 2014! A year that's full of promise! Congrats to the Rumble winner -Insert Winner's Name here- And congrats to the IWA fans for the support and love in 2013... now... on to business... at the Paper-View things got a little crazy... During the-

Bford is soon cut off by Chris Sparks' music Bford gets an annoyed look on his face as Chris appears on the stage waving a flag with an image of King Jason Adams on it. He smirks making his way down the ramp. Chris tosses the flag into the ring as he climbs the steps, and enters the ring

Chris Sparks: ... at the Paper-View I think it's safe to say... we all saw the ending outcome coming... despite everyone's hatred towards the League... almost everyone on team IWA hated each other more... however... King Jason Adams and myself discussed things before that match, and so our King remained on his toes... so of course your Bford & After missed... ladies and gentlemen... King Jason Adams will not only be Number One Contender for the International Championship... but he will be the NEW International Champion!

Bford hops off of the turnbuckle and clotheslines Chris the fans erupt into cheers as Bford crouches in the croner waiting for Chris to get up, he then bounces off the ropes and does a bicycle kick but Chris ducks, steps back then comes forward connecting with a super kick into Bford's face sending him back first onto the mat. Many boo while others cheer after hearing the impact. Chris wipes his mouth as he looks around at the crowd smirking. He then climbs the turnbuckle and shouts "Genesis!" He leaps off tucking his legs and arms in then spreads them out landing on Bford with a frog splash. Chris rolls off of him holding his ribs as the fans boo Sparks. He looks down at Bford and grabs the mic raising it to his lips

Chris:...LONG...LIVE...THE KING!

He throws the mic down at Bford and picks up the flag waving it as the camera fades to the next segment
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Long Live The King
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