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 The debut of The Dutch Destroyer

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PostSubject: The debut of The Dutch Destroyer   Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:59 pm

*All the lights go out and ''Limp Bizkit - Full Nelson'' hits the arena.*

*Commentator 1: W-What is this? Who turned the lights off?
*Commentator 2: How should I know? Let's just sit here and see what happens.

*The spotlight comes on and shines on the stage, where The Dutch Destroyer stand with his arms out wide and he looks at the crowd, left and right. Then he starts walking towards the ring. Once in the ring he climbs to the turnbuckle and taunts to crowd.*

*Commentator 1: Is that him? Is that the guy where all the rumours were about?
*Commentator 2: I geuss so! Look at this guy, he is huge!
*Commentator 1: Ladies and gentlemen of IWA, if we are right, you are looking at the Dutch Destroyer.

*The Dutch Destroyer grabs a mic*

*Dutch Destroyer: Wooooo! Yeah! It's great to finally arrive here at IWA! I've waited so long for this! Oh.. I'm sorry, how rude of me. Let me introduce myself. My name is The Dutch Destroyer, nice to meet you IWA Universe!

*Crowd cheers: IWA! IWA! IWA!*

*Dutch Destroyer: Now a lot of people have asked me this. Why? Why would you go from the UFC to wrestling at IWA Dutch? Well thats an easy question. I am here to make an impact, I am here because I am a winner and because i'm looking to win titles here and be your IWA Champion. I know I can and I will. And for all the doubters out there in the back, watch closely tonight, because I have a match with Tzuki, and I will show you just a glimpse of what I am capable of.

*Commentator 1: Wow, what a confidence for this newcomer. I don't know if its smart to have such a big mouth, without having fought 1 match in IWA.
*Commentator 2: He should have a lot of confidence. If you don't believe in yourselve, you won't make it anywhere in this business.
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The debut of The Dutch Destroyer
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