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 Sonic's RP (OPEN to Ice Scorpio)

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PostSubject: Sonic's RP (OPEN to Ice Scorpio)   Wed Jan 22, 2014 5:21 pm

*Sonic Speed walks out to the arena then makes his way to the ring with a mic in his hand*

Sonic Speed: "Stop me if I'm wrong but I thought we were going to be professionals here and do our job. It seems our commentators forgot an important thing they were suppose to mention."

*Ken is scratching his head trying to think of something they may have forgot*

Ken: "I don't think we forgot anything."
Rhys: "We didn't. he is just another newbie trying to make an impression on  everybody by being special"

*Sonic Speed changes the expression on his face to anger and looks at Rhys*

Sonic Speed: "Newbie your funny. I did it all so I think you should correct and check over yourself before you say something stupid. I'm greatness to come and if you were even a little smart you would be able to notice it but I can see your not. I don't have to make impressions because I will show everything in my action in the ring."
Rhys: "Look nobody cares what you have to say  or any of that just go back in the back because you've had your few minutes of fame. Guys now of days will do anything to get attention."
Justin: "I think he just told him"

*Justin starts laughing looking at Sonic Speed. Then Sonic Speed starts to become calm*

Sonic Speed: "What am I listening to you guys for. All you do is talk all day and nothing else your irrelevant to me."
Rhys: "I can do a lot more than talk but I don't let comments from nobodies affect me."
Sonic Speed: "That's It!"

*Sonic Speed stops as music starts playing and Ice Scorpio walks out to the arena*

Ice Scorpio: "Your right that's it I'm tired of listening to you talk. Pick a fight with somebody will fight back."
Sonic Speed: "Ok I'm going to show you"
Ice Scorpio: "We will see but not tonight because I have many things more important to do than deal with trash"

*Ice Scorpio turns around and leaves the arena heading backstage*

Sonic Speed: "Wait a minute I'm coming for you"

*Sonic Speed leaves the arena running behind Ice Scorpio. He looks around and catches a chair shot to the face*

Ice Scorpio: "You shouldn't chase trouble that you can't handle"

*Ice Scorpio walks away and cameras go back to the commentary*

Ken: "Well looks like tension is already building up."
Rhys: "No he just had to be put in his place"
Justin: "He got mentioned like he wanted but let's continue the show"

*The segment fades away*

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Sonic's RP (OPEN to Ice Scorpio)
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