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 Sonic Speed/Jenni King

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PostSubject: Sonic Speed/Jenni King   Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:02 pm

Ring Name: Sonic Speed

Nicknames: "Sonic"

Alignment: Heel

Height: 6'3

Weight: 230

Fighting out of: Chicago,Illinois

BIO: As a kid growing up in a dangerous city fighting was the only way he could survive. He would always end up in a fight and never know how it started. After time he realized that he did and it was the only thing he was good at and enjoyed. From their on he knew that he would be a true fighter forever and had to show his greatness.

Finishers:  (DD) Sonic Kick- Sonic Speed glances at the opponent who's just made it to a knee and bounces off the ropes jumping off the opponent's knee kicking the opponent's jaw
(SUB) Time's up- Sonic Speed winds his legs around his opponent arm and while forcing his leg against his opponent's throat.

Trademark: Blazing Elbow- Sonic speed runs toward his opponent and hits him in the jaw with his elbow

Taunts: Over time- Sonic Speed looks at his opponent laughing and turns his thumb downward.

Entrance: "Prepare Yourself" starts playing as lighting strikes and sonic speed walks onto the stage making his way to the ring. He stops and points at the ring then the lights go out and seconds later they come back on and he is sitting on the turnbuckle and the music starts playing again.

Ring Name: Jenni King

Height: 5'6ft

Weight: 115LB


                    Kross Roads -

                    King's Kross - grabs opponent in bent position, then tucks her arm under the opponents chin       after pivoting 180 degrees inward and bringing themselves into the cutter.
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Sonic Speed/Jenni King
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