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 Ice Scorpio Returning to Wrestling ( THIS GOES IN FIRST)

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PostSubject: Ice Scorpio Returning to Wrestling ( THIS GOES IN FIRST)    Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:11 am

COMMENTATOR #2 : Earlier tonight, we Just Saw Ice Make his Return to Wrestling after that long break he took. Many might not know him but he was one of the most feared Wrestlers a decade ago. After what he did to Sonic, I think it's right to say " He's Back to Kill"  
COMMENTATOR #1: I think wrestling fans all over the globe are interested in seeing Ice back in the squared circle, but more importantly are we ready for it, and I don’t think anyone can readily answer that question because of Ice's long break  in wrestling. This guy just hasn’t been around at all, and there are obviously a lot of doubters in the Ring”  
COMMENTATOR #2 :  Well "Commentator #1"  he actually has visited the gym i go to and This guy has always been athletic. I mean every wrestler is athletic, but he has something different in him, he has definitely stepped it up as far as wrestling goes. I honestly think he’s not in his best shape he has ever been in, and as far as wrestling technique goes, he is an absolute LEGEND in my oppinion.
COMMENTATOR #1 : Of course we are sure he is Physically capable of wrestling but what about his Mental Capacity, coming back to Wrestling after such a big gap. I think a lot of fans just want to see the man in the ring again Even though he's known for his cheap Tricks and unfair methods but he Did deliver Entertainment to the fans. The Last time we saw him, He put that guy in a coma . Nobody really knows why he left when he was at his peak but Am sure i want to see him wrestle Again .
COMMENTATOR # 2 : [i]After what he did To Sonic , i think am right to think that he's gonna come out once again tonight !
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Ice Scorpio Returning to Wrestling ( THIS GOES IN FIRST)
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