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 The Era of Slick Begins

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: The Era of Slick Begins   Sat Jan 25, 2014 11:32 pm

*The camera switches to the parking lot as a fresh, white, stretch limousine pulls up then the chauffeur rushes to the back door and opens it as an African-American male steps out of the limousine in an expensive, three-piece, black & white suit while talking on his phone*

Ken Comaro: "Who is that? A new IWA superstar?"
Rhys Trebian: "Could be,.. let's find out..."

Mystery Man (on phone): "Yes, i'm here right now... this is IWA? I've been to better looking junkyards! Okay, i'm trusting you, man..."

*The mystery man hangs up his phone & looks directly at the camera man facing him*

Mystery Man: "Everyone, listen up! My name is "Slick" Rick Kingston and IWA is mine for the taking!"

*"Slick" Rick Kingston smiles*

"Slick" Rick Kingston: "The handsome devil has arrived!"

*"Slick" Rick Kingston strolls by the camera man and enters the building through a black door*
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The Era of Slick Begins
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