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 Explanations (After Opening Segment)

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PostSubject: Explanations (After Opening Segment)   Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:58 am

*The cameras pan to the sold out IWA Arena where the fans are in a frenzy screaming and cheering on as the cameras pass them and they show up on the tron. Suddenly "Fake It" by Seether hits and the arena erupts into boo's as IWA General Manager Gunner steps out onto stage in a tightly fit black three piece suit. His hair is slicked back a bit and looks wet as a permanent deranged look covers his face. He walks down the ramp as the fans continue to boo him heavily. He enters the ring and receives a mic. He paces before he brings the mic to his lips*

Gunner: "Good evening Detroit!"

*The fans boo Gunner loudly as he smiles and places his foot on the bottom rope leaning against them looking out to all the fans*

Gunner: "What a filthy gutter IWA has landed in this week. I really thought I told the booking agency to skip this disgusting place, I mean look at the filth in our seats out there. You people disgust me."

*Gunner leaves the ropes going to the other side of the ring*

Gunner: "You know some of the locker rooms back here dont even have bathrooms? Can you believe that?"

*Gunner is booed heavily as the fans become enraged*

Gunner: "God it stinks out here, I'm going to get straight to the point, the less time I have to spend with you bums the better."

*Gunner gets off the ropes and goes to the middle of the ring*

Gunner: "It would seem that due to the stupidity of IWA fans, some sort of explanation of my actions is needed... Starting with the Rumble. At the Rumble I apparently did a few "questionable" things."

*Gunner laughs*

Gunner: "Let's start with Vacating the IWA Global Tag Team Titles. The Tag Titles are not and have never been a stellar attraction here in IWA, and they were practically vacant already around the waists of Kyle Richards and Logan Acid, and lets face it, no one else back there was going to beat those two for the straps. There's just no competition on their level and thats the facts. So I made an executive decision that I feel was best for business. I am looking into making the Tag Division a running attraction but in order to build an empire one must make space for it, and that meant destroying the leaning tower that was the previous Tag Division."

*The fans boo as Gunner smiles and mimics them*

Gunner: "Now the next thing I did was I entered myself into the Rumble. My explanation? I am a former Heavyweight Champion of IWA and well... I bring in ratings, get over it."

*Gunner lowers his mic as the fans chant loudly*

Gunner: "Now on to bigger things. Hysteric-"

*Gunner is cut off by loud "Hysteric" chants before he scowls in response*

Gunner: "Yeah, cheer for your losing Savior. I accomplished more in my debut night than he has in his entire career. Some savior.."

*Loud "You Suck" chants echo around the arena*

Gunner: "Anyways, after your beloved Hysteric ran over my parents on the day of their wedding, a move I highly commend by the way, he made his way into the IWA Rumble and attacked me."

*The fans cheer loudly at Gunners elimination*

Gunner: "And then he went on to lose that match, eliminating himself and Romulus at the same time leaving Daniel Johnson the winner and Number one Contender. Now The Hysteric faced Daniel last week for one simple purpose, to prove who the true number one contender was. A match made by the IWA Council after they went over my head with the decision, and what a shock, Daniel won that match too. Seems The Hysteric just has-"

*Gunner winks at the camera and makes quote symbols with his fingers*

Gunner: "Bad Luck."

*Gunner laughs as the fans boo him loudly*

Gunner: "I mean how many chances does this guy need? His chance count has to rival that of Jason Adams."

*Gunner laughs again as the fans boo him displeased with his rambling*

Gunner: "He lost fair and square and as a result to the loss I have put into effect immediately a new clause to The Hysteric's contract, for as long as Perry Jenkins is IWA Champion, The Hysteric may not challenge for it."

*The arena erupts into boo's as the commentators murmur amongst themselves*

Gunner: "I gotta make an executive decision here, and watching the same guy try and fall short each time isn't good for ratings. I mean, not everyone can be as successful as me."

Ken Comaro: "The arrogance and audacity of this man..."

Gunner: "Now this marks the second week for IWA, on the path to War Games Eleven and with that being said I have a grand announcement for you all and for the superstars in the back."

*The boos come to a low hush as they await Gunner's next statement*

Gunner: "As you may have guessed, there will be a Cash In The Case Match at the coming PPV."

*The fans cheer loudly*

Gunner: "But this time there will be a little twist... There will be Five competitors fighting for the CITC Briefcase, the same briefcase I won not too long back and used to become the youngest IWA Heavyweight Champion in history... However, these Five competitors do not and will not know who they are until the time of the match."

Ken Comaro: "What?"

*The fans cheer loudly as Gunner paces in the ring*

Gunner: "Oh yes, Five superstars chosen at random backstage will be forced to compete after a long night of grueling battle in an epic sure to be five star ladder match for the CITC Briefcase, and a shot to be the next IWA Heavyweight Champion. This season, the hungry will work for their meal, or they will starve."

*Gunner laughs before he holds up a finger silencing the cheering crowd*

Gunner: "Speaking of the hungry... what better way to kick off the road to War Games than to have all of the newer faces in IWA, our oh so hungry Rookies engage in a Ten Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal? Don't miss out on Warzones first Blockbuster Main Event of Season Eleven."

*Gunner drops the mic and exits the ring as "Fake It" by Seether blares and he receives a mixed reaction*

OCC: may add more, idk yet, bored lol

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Explanations (After Opening Segment)
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