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 Believe it (right after the intro)

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Believe it (right after the intro)   Fri Feb 07, 2014 11:18 am

The titantron comes to life, showing a barely lit locker room. As the camera slowly move to the right, a voice-over begins to speak.

Voice-over: "He has gone, but he has never be forgotten..."

A flash of a cheering crowd is shown before the clip comes back to the locker room.

Voice-over: "He has traveled the world, but his heart has always been in IWA..."

Again, an image of a different arena and a different wrestling ring is shown for a couple of seconds.

Voice-over: "He has been loved, but he has never felt this loved..."

The clip is now showing once again the IWA fans on their feet cheering and clapping  their hands, making a huge noise.

Voice-over: "Because there's no place like home..."

That same crowd now is seen chanting "IWA! IWA! IWA!" all over again. The clip suddenly cuts back to the locker room, framing on a wrestler's back. His identity is still not clear, but we can see him bending down looking for something into his bag.

Voice-over: "And finally, he has come back home..."

Once again a clip is aired, revealing the wrestler's identity throughout the highlights of his career, quickly showing his debut match, the fatal 4-way match where he gained a title shot at the International Title, the immediatly following attack from the group known as the Prodigy and his Three Stages of Hell match against The Hysteric, ending with El Boaro lifting the International Title high in the air, as the crowd chant his name. The clip ends, and we're back in the locker room where the luchador has finally put his mask on, but is still turning his back on the camera.

Voice-over: "His journey has finally come to an end, right where it started. Are you ready for some more unbelievable action?"

El Boaro turns to the camera


The titantron fades to black, once again.
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Believe it (right after the intro)
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