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 Prepare for revenge

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PostSubject: Prepare for revenge   Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:53 pm

*Music starts playing and Sonic Speed walks out to the arena with a microphone in his hand then makes his way to the ring

Rhy: "I hope this isn't another rerun of this guy because the first one was enough."

Crowd: Boo!

*Sonic Speed starts to get a grin on his face as the crowd continues to boo him*

Sonic Speed: "Well I'm loving this crowd. Hearing you all boo is music to my ears. Now last week I was confronted by Ice Scorpio which was probably one of the biggest mistakes he made in his life. Now I was going to make him pay for that but he had to run and sneak attack me with a chair. This proves that he was worried about his combat skills against me.

Ken: "Sounds to me like Ice was just using a strategy and he outsmarted his competition."

Rhy: " Yup and from what happened we can obviously see that it wasn't that hard to do."

*Sonic Speed laughs at the commentary*

Sonic Speed: " Despite these ridiculous excuses the commentary has tonight there is no where for Ice Scorpio to run or hide from me because I'm ready to take my revenge."

*Sonic Speed drops his mic in the ring and leaves the arena as his music plays and the crowd boo's him*

Ken: "Ooh I can't wait to see this one."

Rhy:" You and me too."
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Prepare for revenge
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