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 The King's speech (open to Bford) (right before match)

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Bobby Gruesome

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PostSubject: The King's speech (open to Bford) (right before match)   Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:41 am

*Save Me- Remy Zero echos throughout the arena via the sound system as King Jason Adams in his wrestling attire appears alongside the rising Star Chris Sparks at the top of the ramp. The Fans start booing upon the realisation that it is the King*

Ken Comaro: "It seems our fans took a little while to realise Jason Adams' new entrance music"

Rhys Trebian: "For the last time Ken its King Jason Adams and I think this new theme song suits him"

*Jason and Chris walk down the ramp acting as if the tremendous boos from the crowd were actually cheers, Chris and Jason both taunt the crowd with their menacing smiles and obscene hand gestures*

Ken Comaro: "It's sad when the supposed King acts in this undignified way"

Rhys Trebian: "King Jason can act however he damn pleases and it would still be to good for this gutter trash of a crowd that we have here in Detroit... which I might add is murder capital of America, so hopefully we won't be staying for too long in this god forsaken place"

*King Jason Adams reaches the ring and orders a microphone whilst Chris Sparks waits at ringside, Jason receives his microphone and enters the ring*

King Jason Adams: "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen or should I say pieces of garbage/sewer rats, to the greatest match in the history of IWA: Warzone, it will be myself... the greatest Wrestler in IWA, the former Global Tag team champion and the only King of IWA, King Jason Adams VS Two nobodies who have never managed to defeat anyone of significance... I mean first we have Enigmatic Savior... a controversial win over my other opponent to win the Termination championship... only to lose it a few seasons later to some other waste of space who I could probably beat with my hands behind my back and my eyes blidfolded"

Ken Comaro: "Personally I doubt Mr Adams could beat anyone with his hands behind his back... he can barely beat people with his hands free"

Rhys Trebian: "Ken Don't be confusing the King with yourself"

King Jason Adams: "And then there is the man who has promised time and time again to land his precious Bford and After only to miss and get laid out with my glorious King's Gore.... a word of advice Mr Bad Aim Bford, give up while you can still leave the arena under your own stea....."

*Earthquake-Labyrinth starts playing and cuts Jason off mid sentence*

Ken Comaro: "and here comes the man who will hopefully whoop the King's ass"


hope im not to late for an rp


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PostSubject: Re: The King's speech (open to Bford) (right before match)   Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:47 pm

Bford suddenly comes running down the ramp, his ribs still bandanged and runs towards the ring. Chris Sarks Intercepts him and strikes him with a series of punches, causing Bford to kneel in pain, Chris grabs the former Termination Champion and slams him against the steel steps, he picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Bford holds his ribs as he slowly stands up and leans against the turnbuckle, breathing heavily as he glares at Jason Adams
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The King's speech (open to Bford) (right before match)
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