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 Slick At Its Finest

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Slick At Its Finest   Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:15 am

*The Tron lights up showing interviewer, Cathy Knight, backstage with a microphone*

Cathy Knight: "Hello IWA Universe, i'm here with IWA's newest talent acquisition... "Slick" Rick Kingston!"

*Kingston enters the scene in his ring attire along with a black shirt that says: SLICK AT ITS FINEST on the front in bold, white letters*

"Slick" Rick Kingston: "Hello Cathy, i'm sure you're glad that you're in the presence of greatness!"

*Rick cockily smiles as Cathy lifts the microphone to her lips*

Cathy Knight: "Tonight, you compete in the rookie battle royal tonight, your thoughts?"

"Slick" Rick Kingston: "Every man in that match THINK they can win that match, but I KNOW I can win that match! I'm slicker & more talented than every single one of these guys!"

Cathy Knight: "Do you see any obstacles in your match tonight?"

"Slick" Rick Kingston: "Obstacles?"

*Rick chuckles*

"Slick" Rick Kingston: "There's no such thing as an "obstacle" for greatness like myself! I CAN & WILL single-handedly decimate every man in that match! So if you're wondering who's gonna win that match... you're looking at him! If you don't believe me, just watch..."

*Rick smiles and leaves the scene with a smirk on his face*
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Slick At Its Finest
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