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 Hardcore is Over

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Titus Alexius Muttley

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PostSubject: Hardcore is Over   Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:02 am

*Camera pans to the commentators table focusing its lens to Justin Omega that keeps on talking about the incident earlier in IWA Show in Detroit.*

Justin Omega: "Earlier tonight, We had an incident involving the Hardcore Icon, Titus Alexius Muttley!"

*A video clip rolls showing the earlier incident in Detroit. Titus Alexius Muttley is seen walking straight from parking lot heading to the entrance of IWA Show.

Suddenly a group of 10 security officers and 10 police officers are seen walking and approaching the Hardcore Champion.

Titus stops and he looks at the group of 10 security officers and the group of 10 police men and he makes an evil smirk.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "What a way to welcome a Hardcore Icon... The true future of this industry... The longest reigning hardcore champion... Titus Alexius Muttley..."

*Titus was interrupted by the police officers and security officers. The police men shows an arrest warrant to Titus Alexius Muttley. Titus Alexius Muttley was shocked after seeing the warrant of arrest and the police men restraint him with hand cuffs and they head straight to the police mobile.

The Security Officers and Police Men escort him out of the Detroit Arena and they all walk out of the camera. Titus Alexius Muttley keeps on shouting for the name of Gunner and he keeps on cursing the man and IWA Management for giving him that kind of treatment.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Curse each and everyone of you... I am just giving the real essence of Hardcore in IWA... Yet, you issue an arrest... Where's your balls..."

*Titus was placed behind the police mobile and the police escorts and security officers head straight to the Detroit Police Station. The video clip shuts and it focus it's lens to Justin Omega.*

Justin Omega: "Those are the shocking event in IWA here in Detroit. Unfortunately we will not see the War Master and Hardcore Icon himself. Titus Alexius Muttley, Now going back to..."

*Justin was interrupted by another video appearing on Titantron. An image of the wasted and dumped police officers and beaten bodies of IWA security officers. The camera pans to the man sitting on the top of Police Mobile and he is holding a sledge hammer in his hand.

IWA War Master receives an overwhelming boos and cheers from it's fans and haters. Titus hops down and drops the sledge hammer then he goes to the trunk of the police mobile and he pulls 2 Jerry Can and he shows an evil smile.

Titus goes to an open area and he place the Hardcore Championship Belt in the middle of the street. He signals the cameraman to go near to him and he start talking.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Do they really think they can suppress me... they can stop me from doing what i really want... IWA Management doesn't know anything about me... [shows an Evil Grin] Hardcore Championship is already understatement for me..."

*Titus Alexius Muttley pours the gasoline coming from the 2 Jerry Can and he make sure that the Hardcore Championship Belt is soak in Gasoline. Titus reach for a lighter inside his pocket and he laugh maniacally.*

Justin Omega: "Oh my... Are you out of your mind!"

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Hardcore is not enough for me... I am far superior and far better than this... No one is capable of the things I've done... [Titus nods] Yeah! Pathetic Ron can't do it... A muscle fluke... DJ Bay can't do it... I! Me! Titus!! Alexius!! Muttley!! Can only do it..."

*The puppies cheers for the War Master while some fans in Detroit goes to boo him.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Since no one is in my league when it comes to Hardcore... I will burn this achievement and cement my name in IWA History... I'll cement my name as the Longest Reigning Hardcore Champion, The One... The Only... Hardcore Icon! I fact... This is the most vulnerable title in IWA History and I am the most successful champion that reign supreme for Hardcore!"

*Titus Alexius Muttley flicks the lighter and flame came out.*

Justin Omega: "No! Stop Man!

*IWA Locker room is also watching this footage coming from a random street in Detroit.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Now that I am successful in Hardcore Division... And no one is in my league for this Title... Let's burn it into ashes... [Laugh Maniacally]"

*Titus throws the Zippo lighter towards the Hardcore Title and explosion covers the whole IWA Hardcore Title and it started to be engulf by Flames.

IWA Superstars and it's fans was shocked after seeing the Hardcore Title being burn into ashes. Titus Alexius Muttley goes to the Detroit Police Mobile and he drives away from the scene and the Tron shuts to black.

IWA was silenced and they were left hanging for the main reason behind the act of Hardcore Icon.*
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Hardcore is Over
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