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 The Irresistible Man

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Titus Alexius Muttley

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PostSubject: The Irresistible Man   Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:33 am

*Summer is seen holding a microphone while waiting in the interview room. A man wearing an Armani Shades walks in the Interview Room and the alluring Summer is seen looking at the six pack of the man wearing a hooded jacket.

Summer looks at the face of the man and she checks the pictures of the new superstars in IWA Roster. The Man sit infront of Summer and he lifts his Armani Shades and he remove his hood. Summer looks at the man and she was stunned with the charm of the young man.

The young man started talking and Summer started to recompose herself and do her job in IWA.*

Young Man: "Hi, I believe a fine and elegant woman like you would never be here. Anyway, I am here to look for the interviewer. Did you see him?"

*Summer bites her lips and she respond to the question of the young man.*

Summer Knight: "Uhm.. I am the IWA Interviewer. Are you..."

*Summer was interrupted by the Young Man.*

Young Man: "Oh, Nice to meet you. I am Gregory Star, I am the new hottest property of IWA [Winks at Summer] I am also known as the sexiest man in Sports Entertainment."

*Gregory Star removes his jacket and he started to show off his long and lean muscles and goes near to Summer reaching for the hand and placing it on top of his abdomen.*

Gregory Star: "Please, Don't find it as an harrassment. I just want to share this Perfectly Sculptured body to a fine and alluring lady like you. Correct me If I am wrong, You are Summer... [Gregory looks at Summer] Like a real Summer Season, You are sizzling."

*Gregory Star move away from Summer Knight and he grab his Hooded JAcket and he give away his Armani Shades to Summer Knight. Gregory walks closer to Summer and he whispher  something inaudible to Summer. Summer lit a smile and bite her lips because of excitement then Gregory Star walks out of the scene leaving Summer behind.*

Summer: "I'll see you later Honey!"

*Summer shouts for those words out of nowhere.*

Gregory Star: "I will make this main event quick and i'll warm up for later Mademoiselle."
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The Hysteric
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PostSubject: Re: The Irresistible Man   Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:56 am

lmao this had me dying man

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The Irresistible Man
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