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 Hometown Hero

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PostSubject: Hometown Hero   Tue Feb 11, 2014 12:42 am

*Cris is seen backstage holding a handheld camera to his face smiling*

Cris"SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA!!!!! Man it feels great to be back home in the capitail city. Not only that but tonight I have a treat for my millions of fans, me and Greg Star The Famous Stars are going to win the title in our debut as a team against two legends in Perry and Daniel. If you don't think that's awesome then you don't know what awesome is."

*The crows erupts hearing those words from their hometown hero*

Cris"Tonight Perry and Daniel with all due respect to the both of you your 30 Seconds of Fame are just about out, this is Cris Famous with this weeks Fame-Cam this ones for you Sacramento.....stay tuned."
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Hometown Hero
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