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 How'd that Happen? 1st RP

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PostSubject: How'd that Happen? 1st RP   Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:10 pm

The titan tron lights up immediately after the previous match, the camera shows a pair of boots and slowly begins to rise and shows a man with a sack over his head chained to a chair, the crowd is speechless unsure of who it is, suddenly clapping is heard and Harry Hampton walks into the dark room smirking

Harry Hampton: Ello laddies! Tis' a good day to be alive ain't it?! Oh what's this?

Harry turns to the chained man and has a pretend shocked look on his face

Harry Hampton: Wow... it would seem this man needs help! Are you okay sir?!

Harry removes the sack and it's revealed to be Rex, who sits there unconcious

Harry: Whoa! Rex?! What are you doing there laddie?! Who did this to you?....Would you look at that... whatever just happened to this guy has left him speechless!

Harry throws the sack at Rex then grins as he walks away the camera focusing on Rex, then Harry knocks the camera down and it fades to black

Ken and Rhys are sitting at the table speechless

Ken Camaro: Wow.... er... I think we should go to commercial
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How'd that Happen? 1st RP
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