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 PsychoSocial/Taylor Emerald

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PostSubject: PsychoSocial/Taylor Emerald   Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:30 am

Real Name: Tyler Moore
In-ring Name: Psychosocial
age: 26
weight: 283 pounds
height: 6"4
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Alignment: Tweener
Bio: Tyler wasn't always as messed up as he is today. He used to be a fun loving kid who got along with everyone until he witnessed his dad abusing his mum, he tried to stop him but his dad was too strong and starting abusing him. As he grew older his mum died of suicide. His dad then only targeted Tyler. Eventually, Tyler had enough and fought back and beat his dad to an inch of his life. He called an ambulance. When the doctors arrived one of the paramedics said to him "If you had called later he would of died"
While his dad was in hospital, Tyler was put into foster care where he moved all the way to Detroit. He got bullied in his new school which made him insecure, eventually, after being expelled for too many fights, Tyler ran away where he was 17 and he was found and taken in by a woman where he was put into a new school where he met a girl who managed to take advantage of his insecurities and use them to do whatever she says. She now manages him in IWA where they both look to dominate

Psychosocial places his hands on his forehead and starts shaking his head shouting no repeatedly

DD - Psychosis
Psychosocial places his opponent in between his legs and spreads his arms. He then raises his opponent into the air and slams him on the ground executing a Psychosis

DD - Psychotic Spear
Psychosocial waits anxiously for his opponent to stand up and turn around. once his opponent does so Psychosocial runs towards his opponent and leaps towards him and drives his arm into the opponents mid section executing a Psychotic Spear

Taylor Emerald
Name: Taylor Emerald
Age: 29
Weight: 107
Height: 5"8
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Alignment: Tweener
Bio: Taylor grew up a normal, peaceful life. That is until her father died in a plane crash. Ever since the moment she heard the news, she broke down in tears, she had clearly lost part of her in that crash. She never fully recovered and then when she moved out a week after her 18th birthday, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. She was given only 6 months to live. She survived 9 months before passing away.
Taylor knew she had to make a change, she never knew how until she took in Tyler Moore... who is now known as Psychosocial. She made him obey her and do whatever she pleases. She knew he is a force to be reckoned with and doesn't go anywhere without him. They decided to join IWA where they would try and cleanse the place and get rid of it's plague that not only enforces the rules of the place but also its superstars themselves. Now Taylor and Psychosocial will go at all ends to achieve what they want.
Theme Song: Going To Hell by The Pretty Reckless

Kiss my Ass
Taylor turns around and slaps her behind executing a Kiss My Ass

You've done it now
Taylor shakes her head and laughs as she smiles at [name] executing a You've done it now
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PsychoSocial/Taylor Emerald
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