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 Spoiling for a fight

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Enigmatic Savior
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PostSubject: Spoiling for a fight   Fri Feb 14, 2014 5:08 pm

*Enigmatic Savior is walking backstage with a chair in his left hand. He looks focused and is ignoring everyone he passes. Summer Knight attempts to ask him a question but Enigmatic Savior blanks her and walks off. Summer hesitantly follows and asks her question.*

Summer Knight: Um, Savior, Savior can I just ask what you're planning?

*Enigmatic Savior stops and takes a deep breath. He turns and looks at her.*

Enigmatic Savior: What I'm planning? What I'm planning? I'm planning to take this chair [Enigmatic Savior lifts the chair] and beat the hell out of those idiots who cost me a shot at Earl's title. Does that sound like a plan?

*Enigmatic Savior is about to walk away.*

Summer Knight: Didn't you hear Gunner's announcement earlier? Earl is going to defend his title against Bford, King Jason Adams and you.

*Enigmatic Savior fake chuckles.*

Enigmatic Savior: And that's meant to appease me? Now Summer I need you to do something. Go to The Kardinal Sinners locker room and tell Stewson, Roussimoff and Jacob that either they meet me in the ring later or [Enigmatic Savior whispers something in her ear]. Now can you do that?

*Enigmatic Savior walks away smiling.*
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Spoiling for a fight
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