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 A look at the past, a step in the future

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: A look at the past, a step in the future   Sat Feb 15, 2014 8:24 am

*"Lucha Libre" by Dead Elvi blares out from the speakers, as the crowd stares at the entrance stage, wondering who's coming out with this never heard before theme song. After some seconds, El Boaro walks out on the ramp, making the crowd erupt in cheers. A huge "welcome back" chant fills the Arena, as the luchador walks his way to the ring shaking hands wth the fans in the first row*

Ken: "And finally he's back! Aren't you excited to see the luchador back in action?"
Rhys: "Absolutely not, he could have stayed where he was before"
Justin: "And what a way to comeback! A match against his old nemesis, The Hysteric, for a spot in the CITC Ladder Match!"

*El Boaro enters the ring, asking for a microphone*

El Boaro: "Man, I missed this place!"

*The luchador smiles, staring at the sold out crowd on their feet, cheering on him.*

El Boaro: "But there's no time for old memories, becaus tonight I'm already scheduled in a huge match, against somebody that I know quite well, The Hysteric."

*Again another round of cheers fills the Arena.*

El Boaro: "Our history goes back in time, when I was nothing more than a green rookie, but i was able, in the end, to win the International Championship from him. Sure, my victory in the Three Stages Of Hell was tainted by the interference from Chaos Dimention but there's no denying that I took him to his very limit."

*El Boaro paces the ring, his head lifted up watching the rafters, as he's reliving those memories.*

El Boaro: "My biggest enemy, my toughest rival, the man I respect the most here in IWA... It's a shame that only one of us will walk in the CITC ladder match. But I did not come back here to lose, buddy, I did not come back to IWA to be the number two in this company. I'm here to climb the ranks of this federation, just as I will climb that ladder at Wargames XI, and retrieve the case."

*El Boaro drops the mic and exits the ring.*

(don't know if Hysteric wants to add something...)
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The Hysteric
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Hall of Famer

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PostSubject: Re: A look at the past, a step in the future   Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:35 pm

*As El Boaro leans down to exit the ring "Savior" by Rise Against hits and the arena erupts into more cheers. El Boaro stands back up as The Hysteric walks through the curtain and onto the stage. He points up to where the CITC would be hanging and he then points to El Boaro before bringing the mic to his lips*

The Hysteric: "El Boaro everyone!"

*The fans cheer loudly and chant for "El Boaro" as The Hysteric smiles*

The Hysteric: "Let me be the first to say la bienvenida a mi amigo. Welcome back my friend."

*El Boaro smiles as The Hysteric paces on the stage*

The Hysteric: "IWA has missed you. IWA has missed the spark of high flying style that only You and I, can bring them."

*The Hysteric lowers the mic while the fans cheer for them. He raises it slowly*

The Hysteric: "And tonight will be no different when we tear the house down once again for all of these IWA fans here and around the world watching at home... but..."

*The Hysteric's smile turns to a serious face*

The Hysteric: "I didn't come here to lose tonight either. I'm glad that you're back, but that just means one thing for The Hysteric... That he can finally get my rematch he's craved for so long now. The rematch to answer the question of "Who really is the better man" out of El Boaro and The Hysteric."

*The fans cheer loudly as El Boaro also grows serious*

The Hysteric: "You may have one-upped me before with Chaos's help but not this time. I seen bright things ahead for your future after that match, I surely thought you would go on to be one of the best here in IWA, but you lost it shortly thereafter to Earl in a fashion I still don't understand today. Your time is up Boaro, I'm going to win this match tonight, and go on to win the CITC match and then..."

*The Hysteric looks into the camera*

The Hysteric: "I'm going to take the Heavyweight Championship off of the waist of it's holder that same night. So whether it's Perry, Daniel or even Romulus, be ready for a fight."

*The Hysteric looks back to El Boaro*

The Hysteric: "You too, because our match is now."

*The Hysteric takes off his shirt and sprints down the ramp sliding under the bottom rope as the bell rings*


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A look at the past, a step in the future
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