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 Doesn't Matter

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PostSubject: Doesn't Matter   Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:53 am

*V.I.P is seen hopping up and down cracking his neck, Ravaging Ron Stands behind him staring menacingly at the camera

V.I.P: Yo! Tonight me and my boy Ron show the IWA what we can do as a Tag Team. With his Clothesline from Hell, and my A-Lister... we're gonna be a dominate force! Of course Gunner's gonna let Logan have his boys surround the ring...

Ravaging Ron: You can have the entire roster surround that ring and it won't matter to us... I'll hit each and everyone of them with a clothesline... tonight we show OUR dominance...

V.I.P: Now you can say all you want... and hate on me.... we all know you're just mad.... cuz you're not V....I....P
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Doesn't Matter
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