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 The Sacrificial Lamb (Pre-Match Promo)

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: The Sacrificial Lamb (Pre-Match Promo)   Sun Feb 16, 2014 1:01 am

*Cory Atlas is in the ring warming up as the arena is in a buzz*

Ken Comaro: "Cory Atlas is set to take on -"

*Suddenly, the arena lights shut off and loud, visual static begins to play on the lit-up TitanTron as the arena lights turn back on in red

The static on the TitanTron dies out as a hand-held camera is shown facing the ground at a pair of black wrestling boots that begin to pace around as a familiar voice begins to speak*

Michael Sheen: "I've heard about men like you, Cory..."

*Michael Sheen laughs as Cory Atlas shouts at him to come down to the ring*

Michael Sheen: "Men like you are all about brawn but no brains, more about toughness then thinking. You think you can solve all of your problems by the use of violence..."

*Michael Sheen laughs*

Michael Sheen: "Just like your mentor, Hysteric, you two are alike in many ways, Atlas. But, believe it or not, I hate the use of violence. But, when you live in a sick & twisted world like this... you have to be even MORE sick & even MORE twisted, no matter what the consequences! You stand in the ring shouting at me to come down there... for what? Do you honestly think you can hurt me?"

*Michael Sheen raises the hand-held camera to his bearded face*

Michael Sheen: "I'm standing back here for your own safety, Atlas. Because if I come down there... I will torture your body to unbearable lengths... dissect your limbs with unmerciful agony! You stand in that ring, looking for a fight, without knowing what the future holds in store for you... the lack of wisdom will be your downfall, Cory. You're nothing more than a sacrificial lamb being led to the slaughter..."

*Michael Sheen laughs as the TitanTron cuts to static*

OOC: This should be after Cory's entrance & before my entrance
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The Sacrificial Lamb (Pre-Match Promo)
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